girl smiling at camera in front of archery targets


At Forest Lake Camp, campers have the opportunity to focus on all aspects of learning and growth through participation in a wide range of activities, both on and off camp. At the start of the summer, new campers learn about our 5 pillars, which act as the cornerstone of their learning and growth while at Forest Lake Camp.


All of FLC’s activities fall under these 5 pillars: Team Sports, Adventure Sports, Waterfront, Creative Arts, and Wilderness and Nature. Each activity period campers have the opportunity to select an activity that falls under one of the 5 pillars. This allows campers the free choice to explore, feel challenged to try new things and equally to build off of the things they already know and love!

Campers are signed up for their first choice activity for a majority of activity periods. At times, especially for activities with limited room they will be in their 2nd or 3rd activity of choice. This can be equally beneficial by engaging campers in activities that will expand their horizons. Often, a camper finds a passion for an activity they didn’t know they loved in this way!