Forest Lake Family Camp


What should I bring to family camp?

In addition to a normal range of clothing for the week, you will likely want to bring these items to family camp:

  • Warm clothes for possible chilly late August nights
  • Bathing Suits and towels to enjoy the lake
  • Personal sports items (if desired) such as baseball gloves, tennis rackets, cleats, shin guards, fishing poles.
  • We have it all but if you have your personal favorite please bring!
  • Hiking shoes/boots for hiking our many local trails
  • Raincoat – Water shoes for canoe or rafting trips
  • Twin sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag (we will provide pillows)
  • A musical instrument (if you play one) for our Candlelight Campfire
  • Flashlights, water bottles, camera.
  • Bug spray and sunblock
  • A great attitude!

If you would like a detailed packing list please email [email protected]

Do you have a store at camp?

The FLC store will be open each day after lunch and as needed for urgent items. Beyond various FLC clothes and gear we offer a selection of treats and drinks as well as many key sundries like toothpaste, sun block, deodorant and bug spray. We also offer items such as notebooks, flashlights, swimming goggles and batteries.

What are the ideal ages of the kids?

At FLFC there is something to do every day for every age group. While our traditional boys and girls camp is for 8-16 year olds, at Family Camp the activities are ideal for children as young as 3. While we welcome and encourage campers 2 and under (they are free!) we do not offer day care services and young children will be the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians.

What do the adults do all day?

Family camp is not just for kids! Adults will have the opportunity every day to try their hand at archery or rock climbing, go water skiing, play a tennis match or make a model rocket with their child. Activities are organized each day for kids (broken up by ages), adults, and as full family activities. Each night there will be evening activities and once our younger campers are off to bed adults will have further time to socialize over a campfire, movie or music.

Do we always have to attend the activities offered?

No. While we offer a vast array of options throughout the day you always have the option to create your own activity and head off in a different direction. Our property is vast and there is a lot to explore so go ahead, have fun! We just ask that you leave no trace when it comes to trash or/and equipment used. Please restore areas like you found them!

Can I attend the children’s activities with my kids?

Absolutely! This is family camp and we encourage you to watch your kids ring the bell at the top of the climbing wall, shoot their first bullseye in archery or saddle up a horse!

Does FLFC offer babysitting services?

Private Babysitting: Parents are responsible for their own children while at FLFC unless they are in a designated camp-run kids activity period. While we do not offer babysitting services as part of our camp service some of our staff are available when they are off-duty for private babysitting. We suggest you make arrangements with them early in the week. Hours and wages should be worked out in advance with your sitter.

What will the weather be like during camp?

As with all weather during the summer, it can be hard to predict! Average daytime temperatures are in the high 70s with nights cooling down to the low 60s. It is best to be prepared for warmer days and cooler nights just in case. It is also a generally dry time of year, though we can’t guarantee that it won’t rain, only that we will have fun no matter what!

Is it buggy at camp in August?

While most of your time will be spent outdoors and you should be prepared with proper clothes and bug spray we are happy to say that bugs are not a big problem at FLC. We are very active in our mosquito control throughout the year and by August each year the cool nights often keep any bugs at bay.

What if I, or my child get sick or hurt while at family camp?

There is a health center conveniently located in town about 10 minutes away. Many of our staff are also trained in CPR and emergency first aid response and are able ensure fast care if a more serious injury were to occur.

What are the cabins like?

The cabins are fully enclosed stone and log cabins. Each cabin has its own bathroom with toilets, sinks and showers. The cabins all encircle our main campus areas and are a key part of the social dynamic. All beds are single beds and most are built in wooden bunk beds with 3-4 inch inner spring mattresses. All top bunks have ladders and rails to ensure safe sleeping for children. Each camper also has large lockers and storage drawers where they can store all clothes and personal belongings. To see some pictures of our cabins and facilities please click here.

Can we sleep outside under the stars?

Forest Lake Camp has over 800 acres of property with miles and miles of trails. We also have 4 structures that families can use to sleep out in the wilderness. We have camping gear that families can sign out and our mess hall will provide food for you to cook over an open flame. Wood will be provided at each camp site.

What about cabin-sharing?

Though most of the cabins have two distinct sides to them offering some privacy, we have found it works best when those sharing a cabin know each other prior to family camp (though it is not a requirement!) because of the close quarters and shared bathroom. Let us know if you’d like to share a cabin as we offer a group discount rate!

What is the parking and driving policy on campus?

All cars are required to park in our designated parking lots. In order to maintain a safe environment and the beauty of our campus, we do not allow cars to drive around on camp. If you need assistance with getting bags to your cabin we would be happy to assist you.

What about valuables?

We encourage you to not bring anything of great value to camp. This is a rustic setting and excess cash or jewelry are not necessary. That said we do have a safe in the main office and we encourage you to store all valuable personal items with us in the safe. These items might include wallets, jewelry and passports.

What if I need to do laundry?

While we encourage you to bring enough clothes to last the week we of course recognize that there is sometimes an urgent need to do laundry. We have washers and dryers available on camp if needed. Please talk to your counselor to arrange for use of the laundry facilities.

What is FLC’s alcohol and drug policy?

Forest Lake Camp is not licensed to serve alcohol. We do allow a modest amount of adult beverages to be brought to camp and consumed in a responsible manner in designated areas. There is strict adherence to the NY State drinking law and you must be 21 years old to consume alcohol. It is the responsibility of any adult with alcoholic beverages to make sure it is not available to minors at any time. There are several areas of camp that adhere to a strict no alcohol policy.
Use, possession, or distribution of any illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
Those who violate any aspect of our drug and alcohol policy will be held legally responsible for their actions and will be required to forfeit the balance of their week with no refund.

What is FLC’s smoking Policy?

For the comfort of all our family campers, Forest Lake Family Camp has a strict no smoking policy on camp.

Can we have food and beverages in our cabin?

We do allow families to have food and beverages in their cabins. We ask that all consumables be stored in sealed coolers or containers, otherwise our friendly chipmunks and squirrels will enjoy a taste!

What about cabin cleaning and trash pick up?

FLFC does not provide daily cabin clean-up service. We ask that all family campers keep a clean cabin and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves around the camp. Trash cans and recycling bins are provided in every cabin and when full we ask that they be emptied in the large bins at the main office for proper disposal. Each family is responsible for leaving their cabin area clean at the close of family camp.

What about Lost and Found?

FLFC has a lost and found at the main office. All belongings will be returned to Lost and Found and we ask that all families sort through this prior to departure.

Do you have Internet and cell service?

While we see FLC as an escape from the stresses of technology and we encourage you to leave phones, computers and gaming devices at home or in the car, we do recognize the world we live in. Cell service is sporadic across the property and in cases of urgent need we will provide access for guests to check email and use the internet. We ask that any internet and email usage be kept to 30 minutes per person.

Can you accommodate special diets?

Yes. Our food services are all kept in house, and our Executive Chef is able to accommodate special diets as needed. If you have special requirements, please let us know when you register so we can plan in advance.

Can you accommodate campers with physical disabilities?

FLC property consists of mountainous terrain and can often be a 10 minute walk from one activity to another. We do have the ability to accommodate some physical disabilities. Please call us to discuss your particular camper’s situation.

What if we have a birthday or anniversary we would like to celebrate?

FLC is a perfect place to come celebrate a special event for your loved one. Our kitchen staff can arrange for a special cake or dessert to help you celebrate, just give us a call and let us know what your special occasion is!

Is this a good option for a multi-family get together or family reunion?

Absolutely! We can accommodate reasonably sized parties who want to attend family camp together and we will arrange for all to be in cabins close by. If attending with many families we can arrange for special activity periods together as well as a special private meal. Group rates are available – please call for details.