dining hall


At Forest Lake Family Camp we place quality time above all else. We look to bring the best qualities of home into all we do at camp and one of the ways we accomplish that is through our shared experience in the Mess Hall.

Dining at Forest Lake Family Camp is an exceptional time of the day.

Families come together to enjoy spirited conversation about the day while enjoying the feeling of a home cooked meal without having to step foot in the kitchen. All of our meals are prepared in house, and our focus is on fresh. In the kitchen, we prepare food in ways that are nutritionally balanced, beneficial to health and practice, and we can take into account all dietary preferences and restrictions.

Our Board Certified commercial kitchen is the center of our food service operation and with a new state-of-the-art kitchen installed in 2016, our Executive Chef and staff are ready to serve you.

Core Menu Commitments

  1. Prioritizing local, sustainable, organically grown, non-GMO whole foods
  2. Providing high-quality dairy products
  3. Sourcing high-quality eggs, fish, meat & poultry
  4. Serving only antibiotic and hormone-free meats
  5. Offering vegan/vegetarian options at each meal
  6. Accommodating allergies and intolerances
  7. Cooking in such a way that every person who wants to can participate in the meal plan and enjoy balanced meals
  8. Include a fresh fruit bar every breakfast and a salad bar at lunch and dinner
  9. We have a fresh fruit bar every breakfast and a salad bar at lunch and dinner
  10. Dinners are served family style and breakfast and lunches are served buffet style

Dining at Forest Lake Family Camp is just another reason why you should make FLC your family vacation destination.