dining hall

Food Services

Meal times at Forest Lake are often the highlights of a camper’s experience. The fresh, hot delicious food prepared by our own Chef are a large part of this. Most importantly, the chance to come together for a meal with your cabin provides a respite from the active day and a chance to unwind and refuel.

Community and Nourishment

The highlight of most meals for the campers are the songs and chants that inevitably pop up as the food starts to wind down. Never the same on any one day, the resulting energy is contagious. Anyone who has been at Forest Lake for even a single meal will come away with an understanding of the festive nature of our mess hall.

We serve our meals family style so everyone learns to be polite, take appropriate portions, and be considerate to others. Every day, a camper from each cabin is chosen to be the “hopper”. The hopper’s job is to prepare the table for the rest of the cabin, set the table, retrieve all the food from the kitchen and lead the cleanup.


We have a breakfast bar available every day with cereals, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, and some type of bread (bagels, pastry, muffins, etc). There is also always a hot meal served; some examples are: French toast with sausage, breakfast sandwiches, or scrambled eggs.


The salad bar is always a hit during lunch time and is stocked with healthy options used as both an addition and sometimes a substitute for the hot meal so the campers always are able to find something they enjoy.


During dinner the salad bar offered with all the fixings offered to make a green or pasta salad in addition to a hot dinner.


At Forest Lake we have prided ourselves on being able to accommodate any and all dietary needs and allergies. Our Chef and Kitchen staff are all program certified to manage allergy concerns appropriately in the kitchen and will work with any camper who has restrictions. Our unique approach to allergy handling is to try to insure that the meals with restrictions match the regular meal as closely as possible to make the campers with restricted diets still feel like they are a part of the same culinary experience as their peers.