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Grades 7-10

Senior Boys

Our oldest campers are senior campers. They enjoy special status as leaders of our camp community. As part of the senior program they accept more responsibility and are expected to help define the camp culture, provide leadership to younger campers, and invest in their own personal development.

Privilege and Responsibility

Senior Campers live in rustic traditional Adirondack cabins with 8-12 other campers and 2 counselors. The daily schedule is full, with a good mix of scheduled and free-choice activities. Campers have 4 periods each day, with 3 free-choice periods and 1 waterfront period where all of Boys’ Camp comes together to enjoy waterfront activities on our private lake.

Senior Camper Experience

For some senior campers their area of interest might be more centered around our traditional sports activities, while for others it might be to spend as much of their summer in the wilderness. By the time they are seniors, our campers have the freedom to design their own experience.

senior camper mentoring junior camper

Activities only offered to Seniors at FLC

Being a senior camper at FLC means you have greater opportunities but it also means you have greater responsibility. To reward our senior campers for their leadership and the role modeling they provide to our junior campers, we offer a number of senior only experiences each summer. Please see an example of some of them below.

  • Horseback Overnight Trip
  • Rock Climbing Day Trip
  • Rafting Trip
  • Senior Outing Trip (i.e. movie in Lake George, bowling, rollerskating)

Adventure Trips for Senior Campers

Each Senior cabin has it own unique adventure that they go on while at FLC. These experiences range from single night to multiple overnight trips. For many senior campers, these trips with their cabin group are the most memorable part of their Forest Lake experience, providing an opportunity to create strong ties with friends and learn more about what they are capable of achieving. Below are a few Adventure trips that have been offered to our senior campers:

  • Overnight whitewater rafting trip
  • Overnight mt. biking Trip
  • 2-day Adirondack High Peak backpacking trip
  • 3 Day Canoe Expedition
senior adventure trip