Meet a couple more of our new 2017 staff

18519734_1333085920093365_6318776608338755283_nWhat is your name? My name is Kyleen Considine

Where are you from? I’m from Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, a couple of miles outside of Philadelphia!

What activities will you be involved in this summer? What excites you about this?  I will be working on the waterfront and sports, helping out with photography and ESL, and assisting with the running club! Photography and sports have had an important part in my life for many years, so I’m looking forward to working with so many wonderful and smart kids!

What three words best describe you? 3 words that describe me are tenacious, loving, and loyal. I never give up or quit on projects, and I devote all of my time to whatever I’m doing. 

What are you most excited to share with your campers this summer?  I am so excited to share life lessons I’ve learned with the campers in order to help them grow! Also, I’m excited to show them my big collection of string to make bracelets!

If you could be any kind of food, what kind would you be and why?  I would be ice cream, because I have many different sides of me, but no matter what flavor, I’m still sweet!   

If you could have any kind of super power, what would your super power be and why?  I would want to be able to fly, because I want to travel everywhere, but it’s so expensive!!!

What about coming to FLC are you most excited about?   I am really looking forward to meeting people from all over the world and learning FLC’s traditions!


13692963_1027464777308691_7680032116665631308_oWhat is your name? My name is Shauna McCombie

Where are you from? I’m from Kelso, a small town in the Scottish Borders, in the UK.

What activities will you be involved in this summer? What excites you about this? This year I will be working at the stables teaching horse riding. I am really looking forward to this as this is what I normally do at home when I’m not at university. It will be enjoyable doing it with a new group and in the sunshine! I’m also exited to try out new things at camp that I wouldn’t do at home and to experience some of the American culture. 

What three words best describe you? Enthusiastic, kind and self-motivated  

What are you most excited to share with your campers this summer? I am excited about sharing everything with my campers this summer especially my expertise and knowledge of horses. 

If you could be any kind of food, what kind would you be and why? I would be a banana because I have a soft centre but I also have a thick skin and I am not put off by setbacks. I grow and and develop all year round. 

If you could have any kind of super power, what would your super power be and why?  The super power I would have would be the ability to control time so that more time could be spent doing fun things. 

What about coming to FLC are you most excited about? I‘m really looking forward to making new friends from all over the world and trying out new sports. Having never been to America before, I am looking forward to the whole experience. 

The mentor / LIT relationship at FLC


As we look to the summer ahead we recognize the team of leaders that make the camper experience a rich and rewarding one. FLC’s LIT (Leader in Training) program offers young leaders the chance to put strong leadership qualities to work through hands on involvement within the community of camp and at times even away from camp.  The LIT experience provides countless opportunities to practice initiative and active engagement within the lives of others through assisting and leading activity periods and honing coaching and teaching skills.  LITs practice the value of positive role modeling within junior cabin groups, while supporting a strong cabin culture. LITs practice the value of team work and problem solving through their legacy LIT project, acting as good stewards to the camp community through a predetermined hands on summer project.   LITs develop a deepened self-confidence and deepened courage through leading cheers and announcements during meals, skits at campfire, leading a summer chapel service, and planning special events for camper fun.   [Read more…]

2017 – First wedding down!


So the dust (or in this case Pollen) has settled on our first wedding of the 2017 season. Though we had rain on arrival Friday, the ceremony Saturday was picture perfect. The couple said their vows on the girls’ soccer field in front of a set of Gridiron goals before a quick photo session at the lake and a reception in the mess hall.

Preparing camp for that first weekend is no small feat, especially since it requires reactivating the water systems that are closed during the freezing winter months. Huge respect to Tyler Guy and Gary Confer for their tireless efforts to get camp up and running in the few short weeks between the thaw and our first event.

So onward we go to wedding numbers 2, 3 and 4 and then it’s over to Summer Camp for 7 weeks before we then get into 7 more weddings, a corporate retreat, 2 school groups, family camp and an Alumni Weekend. If you are not a part of any of those events then perhaps it is either time to sign up for the Alumni Weekend or Family Camp or it is time you scheduled your own FLC event. After all camp is definitely ready to receive you.

Contact us to learn more about renting FLC

Alumni Spotlight – Steve Gadziala


Some camp legends begin as campers and move up through the ranks. Others begin as staff members and make their mark in a relatively short period of time. The key is a “good fit” with the camp culture.

Steve Gadziala is the latter type of legend. Beginning as a cabin counselor in Cabin 9 in 1979, his interests and abilities blended perfectly with Forest Lake, and in 1980 he was asked to serve as the head counselor for the intermediates which included overseeing staff and campers in that section but also planning the special events calendar. Steve held that position for the next three seasons. His experience as a three sport varsity athlete in high school (football, basketball, baseball) fit in well with the FLC sports program and his musical talent (guitar) made him a regular contributor at campfires. [Read more…]

New Camper Reflection about summer 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.48.08 AM

My name is Naomi Brightman. I’m from Cornwall, VT, and I’m in 6th grade. I have a little sister, Hailey, who is two. I love sports, and do soccer, lacrosse, rock climbing club, and will start cross country and track next year in Middle School. I also do an after school Show Chorus and love to perform, whether it’s singing or acting. In the winter, I skate and ski on the weekends.

[Read more…]

Meet FLC’s Girls’ Camp Head Counselors

Caitlyn Seamster, Girls Head Counselor


This summer will be Cait’s first summer at FLC.  Cait worked at Bonnie Brae, which is a residential treatment center for at-risk youth boys. Every summer, Bonnie Brae rents out FLC and Cait fell in love with FLC the minute she pulled into the driveway. Cait was a part of the recreation department at Bonnie Brae and tried to spend every moment at the waterfront!

Cait is from New Jersey and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in education and leadership at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. While pursuing a degree at St. Lawrence University, she is also the assistant softball coach at the university. Before St. Lawrence, Cait attended The College of New Jersey and received a degree in women and gender studies with a minor in sociology. She is very passionate about helping others and is interested in finding different ways to motivate others to achieve their goals. She is very excited to find unique ways to motivate everyone at camp!

What am I looking forward to this summer?

I am thrilled to take on the role of head counselor at FLC! This is a new and exciting chapter in my life and I am ready for the challenge.  I am excited to build strong and healthy relationships with staff and campers.  I am looking forward to having fun at camp and adding some flavor to the FLC experience!

Caroline Kravitz, Girls Head Counselor

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.12.59 AM

This summer will be Caroline’s 10th summer at FLC. She has been to camp as both a camper and counselor and is thrilled to return this summer as a Head Counselor on Girls’ Camp!

Caroline is from New York City and currently studying history at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. She is passionate about social justice issues and is pursuing a certificate in civic engagement along with her degree. She also works with a number of international and local nonprofit organizations that focus on refugee-related issues, assisting in areas such as tutoring, legal aid, and resettlement. She has learned a lot about open-mindedness, gratitude, respect, and community from this work and hopes to bring these values with her to camp!

Last summer Caroline led the LIT program on Girls’ Camp in addition to taking photos for the camp website, end-of-session slideshows, and social media pages. When Caroline is not looking out for her campers and staff on Girls’ Camp she is teaching fitness zumba, creative writing, and lacrosse. Caroline brings an infectious laugh, a deep respect for others, and an incredibly strong work ethic to all she does.  FLC is fortunate to watch her grow as a respected leader at camp.  Caroline is looking forward to another summer of adventure, community, and fun!

Why do I return to FLC?

Camp has opened me up to an incredible community all over the world. It has taught me communication, organization, and leadership skills that carry me through the off season, and it has helped me build confidence and empathy. Most importantly, it has connected me to people, places, and perspectives that would not otherwise be on my radar. I love the Adirondacks and everything about camp!

An invite to our 2017 Alumni Weekend

flc-logo_horizGreetings FLC Alumni,

I hope this email finds you well.  As you can see from the pictures below, FLC is open and ready for summer 2017! Thanks to alum, Geoff Neu and Steve Gadziala and a number of staff and friends for helping to get FLC open this year! It was hard work, but lots of fun to work together to clean buildings, set up waterfront and prepare activity areas for a very busy summer. This year we will host 3 weddings before summer camp even begins!  A special thanks to Geoff and Gadz for their hard work and companionship!

I hope that many of you will be able to see how great camp looks and to re-experience the magic of FLC this August during our Alumni Weekend, August 18th-20th. Our planning committee made up of alumni, Chris StammEmily Daniels, Marc Grelsamer, Michael Pariseau, Bob Blanck, Caroline Meyer, Dan Murphy, and Kate Wilson, are working hard to reach out to alumni and organize a weekend which will most definitely be a ‘must attend’ event! A big hand to this group for their commitment and dedication to FLC!

Below you will see an invite for our Alumni Weekend, written by Kate Wilson (O’Rourke), and an offer as an FLC alumn to come up this summer to participate in one of our weekly Sunday night campfires.

Please take a moment to read on. We sincerely hope we will have the opportunity to see you this summer, whether it is for our alumni weekend or a special performance at one of our campfires this summer!

PS. All proceeds from our Alumni Weekend will go toward supporting The Ollie Van Cise Campership Fund.


Gene and Lilly Devlin [Read more…]

Want a summer job – come to camp?!


As we approach the summer we invite our campers to apply for this summer’s camper jobs.  This is a great way to make a couple of dollars and gain some working experience.

Available positions are: staff waiter/hopper positions and the mail position.

The mail position requires an average of 15-45 minutes of work each day after lunch and during rest hour (depending on the number of packages and letters).  The compensation for this position is $20 per week.

The staff waiter/hopper position involves attending to the staff table 3 meals a day.  Duties include place settings, food serving and clearing/cleaning.  BBQ’s and other special meals excluded.  The compensation for this job is $30 a week.

Please express your interest in writing to

Compensation varies depending on length of session

What is FLC’s campfire experience all about?!


Laughter, reflections, bright flames that crackle, a star filled sky above, white pines, poetic verses, two camps join as one, songs that fill the air, camper recognition and the echo of taps that lures us all toward our dreams are just a few ways one might describe Forest Lake’s Campfire experience. One of the most meaningful and spirited examples of tradition at FLC comes in the form of our weekly Campfire in the woods. Forest Lake has beckoned its camp family to this sacred spot in the woods for generations. Perhaps the only change one might notice are the trees stand a bit taller and the benches appear a bit more worn as this space has welcomed campers and staff for many, many decades. [Read more…]