FLC maintains a “free choice” curriculum


At Forest Lake Camp, campers of all ages have the opportunity to map out their own day. What could be more exciting than to wake up each morning and choose your adventure for the day? Although many other camps have moved to more pre-assigned schedules because it is easier to organize, Forest Lake Camp has maintained the ‘free choice’ model. We believe this teaches our campers to learn how to make choices and advocate for themselves. Our campers are able to do many activities each day that they love, but they are also encouraged to try new activities, even ones they think they won’t like. To facilitate this experience, we have created a culture at FLC where experiencing new adventures each day is valued and encouraged.

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard from former FLC campers, “I learned that at camp” or “what I learned at camp shaped who I am today”. One of FLC’s Promises is “we will offer a wide variety of programs, activities and experiences, reflective of the diverse set of interests held by our campers”. We are committed to preparing our campers for life by introducing them to a wide variety of skills and challenging them to consider their ‘best effort’ in all that they do.
Each summer, we witness and participate in the open structure and independence that our camp offers our youth. We believe camp is the perfect compliment to school as it helps to strengthen confidence and gives campers skills that they can take back with them and use in their schools and communities back home. We look forward to upholding FLC’s Promise into our 2017 summer and hope that you will join us on this journey!
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FLC is thankful for YOU!

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Forest Lake Camp has had a long and healthy history of welcoming international campers into its family. We are proud to say that we recently have had campers from over 15 different countries attend FLC. These campers have helped to enrich the FLC experience and have added a tremendous amount to our camp community. When speaking to FLC alumni about their highlights from camp, the long lasting relationships and lessons they learned from international campers is often times at the top of their list. We have great admiration for our international families, as we know how much more challenging it is logistically, culturally and financially to send their child to a camp in the United States.

On behalf of the whole FLC community we would like to underline the value that your family brings to FLC. We recognize that for some, there might be some hesitation in visiting the United States right now, but please know that FLC welcomes all international families without reservation and you will be welcomed into our community as you have always been.  Forest Lake Camp stands strongly behind its Values and Principles, and our #1 promise is we put the camper first.

For those who have enrolled already for this summer, we welcome you with open arms to FLC.  For those considering enrolling we look forward to continued conversations and sharing why Forest Lake Camp is such a special place to send your child.

In closing, we wanted to offer a token of our appreciation for sharing Forest Lake Camp with your friends. We are offering FREE English Immersion classes to any enrolled family who refers another family to FLC. The children from both families will receive FREE English Immersion classes while at camp (a $525 value). Simply share FLC with a family who might be interested, and if they enroll your child and that child will receive free English Immersion classes! If your family is an FLC alum then we welcome you to share this with your friends and they will receive the Free English Immersion upon enrollment.

FLC welcomes you and your child with open arms and cannot wait to provide your son or daughter with a life shaping experience.  Please be in touch with any further questions, we look forward to sharing in another remarkable summer with you and your family!

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It is the light that binds us


For me, the true sign that Summer is fast approaching is when Facebook announces that there is a new group to which I have been invited, the staff page for the coming Summer.

New and returning staff members take it in turns, one by one to introduce themselves to each other, sharing photos of themselves, friends and family.  [Read more…]

Alumni Spotlight – John Schwarz

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John Schwartz receiving the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (L to R) Michael Green, Yuri Milner, Mark Zuckerberg, John Schwarz.

One of the more interesting aspects of attending summer camp is to learn what your fellow campers or counselors go on to do in their respective careers. The present writer was a camper in Cabin 4 in 1959 and one of the counselors was John Henry Schwarz. At that time, none of us would have imagined that John would go on to make a revolutionary discovery in the field of theoretical physics that would bring him international acclaim. [Read more…]

Stewardship Day at FLC


Do all you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, as long as ever you can. ~ John Wesley

Wesley’s words guide so much of our culture at FLC.  We live and work and play in sync with those around us, because that is what the environment calls us to do.  We serve one another in the Mess Hall before meals, we clean up our own tables after eating; We take ownership for our personal and communal spaces by being tasked with daily chores in our cabins; we help our counselors collect balls after soccer practice and pick up tennis balls on the courts after each lesson; if heavy rains set in we scurry about camp, rescuing other peoples items that may have been left outdoors; we bring left over apple cores down to the stables for the horses, we sit on one another’s beds at the end of the day and share personal highs and lows, and we find ourselves reaching out to another if a day feels particularly difficult. This is camp, this is Forest Lake Camp!  We are stewards of one another and the place we call our summer home. This way of being becomes a natural part of the way we interact with one another and our surroundings each and every summer in the Adirondacks!


[Read more…]

Meet Some Of Our New 2017 Staff

One quality that makes Forest Lake Camp so unique is its wonderful, caring and professional staff. We couldn’t be more proud of all that our counselors bring to our camp community each and every summer. We look forward each month to introducing you to our new and returning counseling staff.  Over the past few months we have been sharing what our 2016 staff have been up to since the summer ended. In our January newsletter we are excited to share a few NEW staff for summer 2017!


What is your name? Olivia Brown

Where are you from? I’m from Newcastle, North East of England

What activities will you be involved in this summer? What excites you about this? I will hopefully be involved in a little bit of everything! There will be an emphasis on helping with riding but I can’t wait to assist in all of the sport options, and maybe some art and music. This excites me because every day will be different and so much fun, and I might even try something new myself. [Read more…]

What 2016 Staff Are Returning?!

Here are just a few of the many counselors who are returning for summer 2017! We are so excited about the strong new and returning staff that we have this summer. Our staff are as excited as our campers for the start of summer 2017! Hear from a few and learn why.

dan and big benWhat is your name? Hello! My name Is Dan Graham

How many summers have you been coming to FLC? This will be my third of hopefully many summers at FLC.

Why do you return to FLC each summer? Explain! The campers! Where else in the world can an Englishman play soccer with Venezuelans, sing in the mess hall with Americans and share a cabin with the Chinese?! I love all of the different nationalities that we are lucky enough to have at camp and make friends with people from all different countries of the world! Oh, and the views aren’t bad either!

What do you teach at FLC and what do you love about these things? I coach Soccer at FLC- I love it because….. FLC’S A FORTRESS!! I love getting down to the soccer field every day and watching all of the campers try their absolute best during the soccer periods and then reaping the rewards when we beat Eco Lake or ADK!!! [Read more…]

Forest Lake Spring Open House


Are you still trying to choose the right summer camp for your child this summer? Have you already enrolled your child for the 2017 summer but want to visit before opening day? Are you considering renting out Forrest Lake Camp for a corporate event or wedding? Whatever the case might be, we invite you to come to visit us this spring for our May 6th Open House Event!

We welcome all families, prospective and enrolled in our summer camp, to enjoy a tour and an opportunity to visit our camp

What To Expect:

  • Chance for you to speak with other families
  • Visit with the Directors of Forest Lake Camp
  • Enjoy a tour of our beautiful Summer Camp
  • Opportunity to explore camp on your own
  • Enjoy conversation and light refreshments

Date: May 6th

Time: 11:00am- 3:00pm

This is a great event and a wonderful opportunity to further explore Forest Lake Camp.

To Register, Click Open House Below:

Open House


Due to popular demand and limited space – FLC opens up a July two-week session!


Due to popular demand and limited space in our other two-week seasons, we have decided to open up our July Short Session (2- weeks) for summer 2017. We will still continue to offer our June and August Short Sessions, however, space is very limited  and waitlists have already begun in some age groups in those sessions.  If you are interested in one of our two-week sessions we encourage you to be in touch soon.  Our two-week sessions offer an introductory experience for new campers. Campers will have the opportunity to experience many of our traditional activities during this session.  We only allow a limited number of 2-week enrollments each summer – so don’t wait. Enroll soon and lock in your spot.  Enroll Now!

Learn More: https://forestlakecamp.com/enrolling-at-flc/enrolling-at-flc/