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Session Options

Forest Lake Camp offers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 week sessions for boys and girls ages 8-16. The 2-week option is available as a ‘trial’ session for new and younger campers with the option to extend as space permits during the summer to 4, 5 or even 7 weeks. The difference in tuition will be charged when the request to extend is approved.

2022 Session Dates and Tuition Rates

Full Session – June 26th - August 12th- $8,995

What better way to experience FLC than to join us for the whole 7-weeks! Our full session runs from June 26th through August 12th. Full session campers are able to experience all that camp has to offer while also allowing time to specialize in certain activities. This session is for veteran and new campers alike as it includes an orientation and full summer schedule. One of the greatest benefits of the full session is you get to experience both first and second session, giving you a chance to make friends with a wide array of campers. You also get the opportunity to be a part of both final week ceremonies with Marathon, Rush, Track and Field, Banquet and Candlelight Campfire. If you are looking for an exceptional summer experience this session is for you! This session is designed to provide campers with everything that FLC has to offer and will give campers the chance to enjoy Forest Lake to the fullest!

1st Session – June 26th- July 22nd – $6,995

Kick off the season and join us for the 1st session of the summer. This is one of our most popular sessions of the summer. This session runs from June 26th through July 22nd and is 4 weeks in length. This session begins with an orientation for all new campers which helps them settle in and become familiar with the traditions at FLC. Weeks 2 and 3 provide campers with ample time to delve into activities of interest offering a chance to develop new skill sets and strengthen friendships. However, it is the final week of this session that really sets FLC apart from other camps. During the final week campers experience an array of traditional activities, which have taken place at FLC for over 90 years. Some of these activities are; Marathon, Rush, Track and Field, Banquet and Candlelight Campfire. This is a great session for first time campers who are looking for a well rounded summer camp experience! Reserve your spot today, as this session fills up quickly.

Mid-Session – July 9th -Aug 12th – $7,795

Our 5 week session is a great way to experience both our 1st and 2nd session at FLC. This session straddles both 1st and 2nd sessions running from July 9th through August 12th, giving campers the opportunity to experience the diversity of both sessions. Five weeks is a perfect length of time to become acclimated to camp while also getting the opportunity to enjoy in a wide array of activities. Our 5-week campers get the opportunity to experience both final week ceremonies with Marathon, Rush, Track and Field, Banquet and Candlelight Campfire. We recommend this session to campers who would like to stay longer than our 1st or 2nd session but are not able to commit to our full session. We encourage you to be in touch with us soon if you think you might be interested in joining our 5-week session as room is limited.  

2nd Session – July 23rd -Aug 12th – $5,795

This session is perfect for campers who get out of school later in the summer or who might just want some downtime after school before jumping into summer activities. Our 2nd Session begins on July 23rd and runs until August 12th making it 3 weeks in length. 2nd session offers an orientation for new campers and time to explore new activities and build lasting friendships. This session is also perfect for first time campers as it has an orientation week and a final ceremony week, but is a bit shorter than our 1st session. Our 2nd session is a great way for campers to end the summer and enter into the school year with newfound confidence and renewed energy. We encourage you to be in touch with us soon if you think you might be interested in joining our 2nd session, room is limited.

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June 2 Week Session – June 26th -July 9th – $4,295

Please Note: The Two Week Short Session is only available to first year campers.

Our June short session is a great way to begin your FLC experience. This is a very popular session for younger first time campers. This two-week session runs from June 26th through to July 9th. This session begins with an orientation, which helps campers settle in and become familiar with the traditions at FLC. During the two-week session, campers will have an opportunity to experience many of our traditional activities at FLC. At the end of our June short session if campers would like, they have the option to extend their stay if space permits. We only allow a limited number of 2-week enrollments each summer; so don’t wait. Enroll soon to lock in your spot.

Leader in Training Program (7 weeks) June 25th- August 12th – $7,196

The Leaders in Training” (LIT) Program at Forest Lake Camp is a leadership program specifically designed to not only prepare a camper for being a summer camp counselor, but also a leader in society. The LIT program is a ‘life’ program that helps prepare kids for adulthood, college, and additional responsibility. It is bigger than a traditional CIT program. This is an opportunity for our 16-year-old campers.
An LIT is first and foremost a great role model. They are someone who embodies the best characteristics of FLC: confident, responsible, respectful, fun, and has grown into a leadership role which shows they can be flexible, make positive improvements with little direction, and are willing to take on challenges.

Learn more about LIT program

Tuition cost reflects the 20% LIT discount

Discounts and Partial Scholarships


  • Tuition fees will be reduced by 5% for a sibling and 10% for additional siblings
  • Scholarships available through our Alumni Association. Find out more and apply here.

Additional Options:

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is very popular and space is limited. Lessons and trail rides are offered at a rate of $60 per lesson.

Most campers choose to ride on average 2 or 4 times per week while they are at camp.


We offer a half day clinic for waterskiing and wake-boarding which is available for $135 per clinic. Each camper is allowed to partake in up to 1 clinic for the 2-week session, 2 clinics for the 3 or 4- week sessions, 3 clinics for the 5-week session and 4 clinics for the full 7-week session.

English Immersion Program at Camp

We are very proud of the diversity we offer at FLC with campers attending from around the world. Our English immersion program is available for those campers where English is not their first language. Conversational English will be with 6-8 campers and will run 2 times per week for approximately an hour each time. Space is limited and sign up is on a first come first served basis. Price is $75 per week.

One on One Tutoring at Camp

Tutoring on a variety of subjects is available. Please contact us about rates.

Camp Store

At FLC we offer camp store once per week to each camper. At Store we offer some special treats and drinks for purchase as well as various sundries, essentials, and FLC gear. Store is always very popular each week and we monitor what each camper can purchase. We recommend $30 per week and refund any unused portion of a campers store account. All proceeds from our camp store goes toward our scholarship fund.

Camp Linens

We are pleased to offer a linen services to our campers. This service is very convenient for our international campers and those coming by flight. Your linen packet will be waiting for you at camp when you arrive. Single Bed Sets cost $10 a week and include 1 Top sheet, 1 Fitted sheet, 2 Towels, 1 Blanket, and 1 Pillow and Pillow Case. Extra blankets are always available for cold nights.

Camp Photos

Preserve your child’s memory of camp by ordering your summer photos. With this order you will receive a camper profile picture (4×6), a cabin picture (5×7), and a camp photo of the girls or boys camp (8×10). The cost is $30 a package.

Health Insurance

It is required that all campers are properly insured in the US and proof of insurance will be required. We do offer health insurance for $35 per week for each camper and require all foreign based campers to purchase unless proof of insurance in the US is shown. Please use the quantity box to specify the number of weeks you would like to be covered by our insurance.

Payment Protection

Tuition to camp is a huge investment, and we want to make sure that you can enroll your kids with the peace of mind that you have options if unforeseen circumstances arise. Our current cancellation policy offers a full refund for withdrawal until January 15th, but with the addition of the Payment Protection plan you are covered until the day before your camper is set to arrive at FLC.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • 6% of gross tuition before discounts 

What does it cover?

  • Withdrawal of enrollment for ANY reason including change of mind

When am I covered until?  

  • Coverage ceases at 9:00 am on the day prior to your child’s arrival at camp.

What is excluded?

  • The plan does not cover extraordinary circumstances where FLC has to suspend operation or terminate a session early for any reason.


  • If you would like to purchase Payment Protection your credit card on file will be charged. You have until January 15th to purchase payment protection. Thereafter, payment protection must be purchased upon enrollment. 


Terms & Conditions

2022 enrollment applications are submitted with a $1,200 deposit and will be considered on a first-come first-served basis. The deposit can be paid by credit card or check. If deposit is paid by check it must be received within 7 days of application. Payment in full must be received by May 1st 2022. Those received after May 1st will incur a $100 late fee per camper. Placements for all veteran campers, siblings, and children of alumni will be protected through October 1st, 2021. After that, all enrollment applications will be on first-come, first-served basis as space allows.

Credit Cards will be accepted for the $1,200 deposit. All tuition balances must be paid via bank transfer or check. If full payment is not received by camper arrival then all charges (including the late fee) will be put to the credit card on file plus a 3% processing fee.

*After May 1st payment in full is due within 7 days of enrollment.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Fully refundable with cancellation by January 15, 2022. Refundable less the $1,200 deposit with cancellation by May 1, 2022. Non-refundable after May 1, 2022. No refunds for late arrival or early departure.

COVID-19: If FLC Summer 2022 can NOT go forward due to a government mandate or our own decision at FLC, ALL tuition and deposit money will be FULLY refundable by your choice of check or by rolling it over to the following summer. We also reserve the right to add a COVID medical fee per week, depending on the circumstances next summer. Fee is not to exceed $250 total.

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