packing list

What To Pack

for Summer Camp

Be sure to label all packed items – it makes cases of lost and found a whole lot easier.

Required FLC T-shirt
7 other t-shirts
a few tank tops
4-5 shorts
3-4 jeans/pants
10 underwear/bras
10-12 socks
2 sweatshirts
1 jacket/fleece
2 pajamas
1 rain jacket
2 swimsuits (girls’ need to be 1-piece)
2 sneakers
1 sandals (closed toe)

Brush/Comb & hairbands
Toothbrush & paste
Feminine Products
Shaving supplies
Lip Balm

Two bath towels
One beach towel
Flashlight & batteries
Writing paper, self addressed envelopes, stamps
Water bottle
Mouth guard
Baseball Cap
Bedding (or sign up for linen package when enrolling)
Own sports equipment (optional to bring, we do provide)

Cell phones (they will be confiscated)
Gaming systems
Expensive Jewelry
Lighters, matches

No, we do not allow campers to have electronics at camp as we feel it detracts from the Forest Lake Camp experience. We have, in most recent years, been lenient on allowing mp3 players for music listening only. Any other electronic devices found are confiscated from the campers and kept in the Camp safe until the camper’s departure, when the piece is returned.

In allowing mp3 players, we need to be very specific. The only devices allowed are those that play music only. All other multimedia devices are not allowed and will be confiscated, including Kindles that resemble tablets.