girl tying blindfold on her friend



At Forest Lake Camp, we believe that our beautiful surroundings are only the beginning of what we provide each camper. We look to nurture each camper’s experience which begins with the way we treat the campers and each other.

Here is FLC’s

Promise to our campers and families:

  1. We will always put our campers first
  2. We will seek out opportunities for our campers to achieve independence and grow as people
  3. We will insure our campers are safe and healthy
  4. We will encourage our campers to reach for their best
  5. We will maintain a warm, kind and nurturing environment
  6. We will recognize the importance of staff as role models, assuring we conform to the highest standard of integrity and behavior
  7. We will encourage strong personal relationships between our campers and staff
  8. We will strive to improve in all we do
  9. We will preserve the natural beauty of our setting
  10. We will offer a wide variety of programs, activities and experiences, reflective of the diverse set of interests held by our campers

We believe that by adhering to the FLC Promise, when a camper departs at the end of a session, it will be evident to our parents that:

  1. Their camper will be more self-confident in new situations
  2. Their camper will have grown as a leader
  3. Their camper will have become more independent
  4. Their camper will have more friends
  5. Their camper will be more physically fit
  6. Their camper will be more self-reliant
  7. Their camper will have acquired new interests
  8. Their camper will have refined previously held skills
  9. Their camper will leave with a sense of accomplishment