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Family Camp

What is Family Camp? Imagine summer camp, except mom, dad, guardians and even grandparents are welcome to join in the fun! Our Family Camp is part of Forest Lake Camp, a traditional summer camp serving children and families since 1926. Every summer following our 7-week summer session, families (related and unrelated to FLC) join us to spend a full week together, exploring and enjoying our 823 acre Adirondack camp and private spring-fed lake.

Why should you choose Forest Lake Family Camp for your family?

The answer is simple: It provides countless opportunities to try new things and enjoy the much needed quiet and rest a parent deserves while on vacation and equally affords the wonder of witnessing your own children flourish under the care of our watchful, loving and fun staff. Enjoy the blend of a family vacation with the countless activity options for the whole family.

Forest Lake Family Camp is unique for four reasons:

1. Forest Lake Camp is breathtaking.

We are so lucky to be situated on more than 800 acres of private land and to be able to enjoy our own lake. The quiet nights and countless stars remind you of the value of being in the moment and appreciating the simple things. Whether it is on a walk down to the waterfront for a swim, to the Mess Hall for an evening meal or down to the stables, you are confronted with the beauty of the Adirondacks and reminded of the value in sharing the experience with your family.

2. Our staff are engaging and fun.

In a short time they become a member of your family and make it even harder for your family to leave at the end of your week stay! Feel their energy and joy in the mess hall with cheers after meals, enjoy their company in the quiet evenings by the fire, and learn from their expertise during activities.

3. Our returning and new families bring good vibes

Our returning and new families bring energy, camaraderie and companionship that enriches and shapes the experience for others. We have such a great mix of families that join us for Family Camp and each one brings something special to each summer. Friendships extend beyond camp, and we hear countless stories of kids seeing each other throughout the year and parents staying in touch until they can spend another week together at Family Camp.

4. Family Camp is a great way to try out summer camp.

This allows you to see if FLC is a good fit for your children. Many of our Forest Lake Camp families initially began as family campers which gives their younger children a chance to test the waters. Getting to know the staff and layout of the camp while experiencing some of the activities offered can be an invaluable tool in preparing them for their first summer on their own at sleep away camp.

Activities are endless at Forest Lake Camp and laughter is constant!

There is something for everyone and each participant is able to find a pace that meets his or her immediate needs.

Early risers can begin with yoga, polar bear swim, or an early fish down at the waterfront. The day unfolds, offering tennis matches, hikes to nearby Big Rocks and Vampire Mountain, rocket launching, trail rides and lantern making in arts and crafts.

Mid-day brings a much welcome opportunity to catch up on quiet reading and play. Fun competition in the late afternoon is enjoyed through parent-child soccer games and parent-staff softball.

And there is always the option to simply spend the entire day down at the waterfront, building sandcastles, canoeing, swimming or sailing. You can participate in as much as you want or in as little as you want. There is always fun to be had or fun to watch. That is the beauty of Family Camp!