horseback riding

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has been a popular optional activity since 1926 with over 50% of the campers opting in and many more joining as the weeks go by. The camp maintains its own riding facilities including stables, arenas and miles of private trails, allowing campers to ride within the secure confines of Forest Lake Camp property. Riders have the option of two or four lessons per week. Each riding lesson is scheduled for one hour.

Safety is of Utmost Importance

Riders are assessed and put into groups of no more than 5 depending on their ability and experience. Our riding directors have developed a skills checklist that each rider is encouraged to make their way through. Once a skill is perfected they can move on to the next category of skills to ensure that each rider has a good foundation of riding skills before moving on to more advanced lessons. Weekly riding reports are provided so parents can keep track of their budding equestrian’s progress!

Our horses are hand-picked each year from our longtime partner Pond Hill Ranch. Each horse is chosen to make certain we have the steady beginners horses to the more advanced jumping horses. During the final week all the riders have a chance to perform in the horse show in front of their fellow campers with many ribbons to be won.

Stable management and horse healthcare are incorporated into the equestrian program. For those wanting to experience more in this area we allow campers to come down to stables to help take care of the horses and learn proper horse care.

riding horses on trail at FLC

Experienced Instructors

Horseback riding can seem intimidating to some, and our instructors are experienced with helping nervous riders or riders who have lost their confidence. We welcome you to discuss individual needs with us. We can also arrange for a camper to have the chance to meet the horses and go for a quick walk with a lead rope to see if riding peaks their interest.

Please contact Forest Lake Camp if you have any questions about the riding program.

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Overnight Riding Adventure

Each Summer our riding staff, in partnership with our wilderness staff, invite qualified campers who participate in the riding program to pack out their food and gear for the night and travel by horse to one of our designated outpost sites. Here they can enjoy stories around the fire, eat dinner under the stars and slumber by the light of the moon while their horses graze nearby. This exciting adventure offers campers a unique experience of traveling, caring and bonding with their horse as they would have 100 years ago!