director speaking to campers at campfire


If there is one moment that might define the magic of camp, this may be it. The focal point of all traditional camping experiences is campfire.

Campfire is an FLC tradition

Forest Lake Camp has held this special tradition for 84 years. Campfire is held every Sunday night and provides a wonderful end to a fulfilling week for each camper.

These are the times when camp songs are sung, achievements awarded, and the feeling of being a part of something great is evident.

kids hanging out at campfire

Candlelight Campfire

Candlelight Campfire occurs on the final campfire of our 4 week session and final campfire of the summer. Bursting with tradition, heartwarming moments and tears, the Candlelight Campfire and the processional by every member of camp is a moment one will never forget.

If you are looking for that traditional summer camp experience, Forest Lake Camp provides each camper with these memories that will last a lifetime!