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How Sleepaway Camp in NY Helps Later in Life

DSC_0103For decades now, parents have been sending their children away to sleepaway camp every single summer. But what makes sleepaway camp so popular that parents repeatedly send their children every year? Here at Forest Lake Camp, we think that we have the answer. When children make the decision to send their child away for the summer to a sleepaway camp in upstate New York, like Camp Forest Lake, campers are given an opportunity to grow and gain real life experiences.

Now you may be thinking, camp is nothing like the real world. So how do children gain all of these experiences? Research has shown that by sending a child to sleepaway camp, it will enhance their social skills, self-confidence, and self esteem. By participating in sleepaway camp activities, campers will gain experience effectively communicating with each other, as well as learn what it is like to work as a team and how to be a leader. The benefits of sleepaway camp are endless. But in general, campers will experience wins, losses, sharing, teamwork, living together, and how important it is to reconnect with nature. Sleepaway camp also prepares children for their future and even college. By adjusting to being away from home at a young age, children are often more comfortable when it comes to going away for college. They are also more likely to have less problems adjusting to being on their own, being in a new environment, and living with roommates. Lastly, your child will come home with a ton of new stories about all of the new memories and friends that they made at sleepaway camp. And trust us, there is nothing better than hearing about all of the fun that your child had during the summer at Forest Lake Camp.

So now that you’ve heard how beneficial sleepaway camp is to a child’s future, are you ready to sign your son or daughter up? If you’re looking for the best sleepaway camp in upstate New York, then look no further than Forest Lake Camp! Call us at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to schedule a tour today!