FLC Boys Summer Camp Schedule

Boys CampEveryday at FLC offers new fun, new adventures, new experiences, and new opportunities for personal growth. However, while there’s no such thing as a typical day at FLC, most days follow a similar schedule.

Boys Summer Camp Schedule

7:30 Reveille

Every day at Boy’s Camp begins with a traditional reveille trumpet call and occasionally a cheerful song played over the loudspeaker.

7:50 Assembly/Waiters Call

Each cabin assembles together in front of the Hill Office and all walk down to the mess hall together.

8:00 Breakfast

We have a breakfast bar available every day with cereals, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, and some type of bread (bagels, pastry, muffins, etc). There is also always a hot meal served; some examples are: French toast with sausage, breakfast sandwiches, or scrambled eggs.

8:30 Cabin cleanup

After morning announcements, the boys head back to their cabins for cabin clean up. Each camper has a responsibility to keep his bed, drawer, and locker clean and neat. In addition to his individual responsibilities, each boy will also have a cabin job to complete. This is decided on a rotating basis as a fair way to divide up the chores. Example jobs include sweeping the cabin, cleaning the showers, and taking out the trash.

At the end of cabin clean up, the boys re-assemble and the first period bugle is called.

9:00 First Period Activities

First period is generally a sport activity. The boys choose their activities every day. An example of choice activities for first period may be: basketball, soccer, and tennis; OR lacrosse, volleyball, and rugby, or classic camp games such as kick ball or capture the flag. Of course, there are many other activities that fall into this first period category. What is described here is simply an example of what could be.The morning periods last for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

10:15 Morning Snack

The boys come to the Hill Office to get a healthy snack of fresh fruit or granola bar and a drink. At the end of snack time, they will move on to second period at 10:30.

10:30 Second Period Activities

Second period tends to be dedicated to hobby activities, such as hiking, fishing, and boating. Campers who elect to go horseback riding will generally get to go a couple of weeks in this time slot.

11:45 Free Time

Second period ends at 11:45 and free time before lunch follows. During this time, the boys often get together on a porch and chat, practice for a camp event with a music jam session, maybe write a letter, play some tetherball or the ever popular ping pong. If boys have a particular interest in continuing or picking up an activity during this free time, a Counselor will set up and oversee the activity.


boys camp heading to messhall12:10 Assembly/Waiters Call

The boys assemble for lunch and again walk over to the mess hall as a group.

12:15 Lunch

The boys eat all their meals with their cabin groups. The boys thoroughly enjoy their time with their cabin “brothers”.

Mealtime is a great example of this. We serve our meals family style so everyone learns to be polite, take appropriate portions, and be considerate to others. Every day, a camper from each cabin is chosen to be the “waiter”. The waiter’s job is to prepare the table for the rest of the cabin, set the table, retrieve all the food from the kitchen and lead the cleanup.

1:00 Rest Hour

Rest hour follows from 1:00 to 2:00. During this time, the boys are required to be in their cabins for some down time. Sometimes this means sleeping, reading, writing a letter home, or maybe playing a simple board game with some cabin mates.

2:15 Third Period Activities

Each of the afternoon activities is centered around a certain theme, similar to first period. One period is set-aside for the boys to have general swim. This is offered every single day and is mandatory for all campers to be down at our waterfront for that given period of time.

3:15 Fourth Period Activities

Another period is set aside for hobby activities. Again, the boys choose these activities. Examples include: drawing, music, drama, and science, OR dance, crafts, riflery, and archery.

4:15 Afternoon Snack

A quick break and a healthy snack and drink keep the boys moving through the afternoon.

4:30 Fifth Period Activities

The last period is an activity that all the boys do together and is usually split into junior and senior camp options. These activities are usually a change of pace from the rest of daily program and are wide-ranging.

5:30 Free Time

This period is often filled with camp tournaments (soccer, tennis, ping pong), a staff basketball game, rocket launching or maybe a quick Color Wars activity. Otherwise there is free time till 6:00.

5:55 Assembly/Waiters Call

The boys assemble for dinner.

6:00 Dinner

During dinner (as with lunch), there is always a salad bar offered with all the fixings offered to make a green or pasta salad in addition to a hot dinner. Of course, if a camper has specific/special dietary needs we work with our food service to provide quality and appropriate meals for all our as necessary.

7:15 Evening Activities

After dinner, the boys head back up the hill. At roughly 7:15, the evening activity begins. Evening activity varies every single evening and often depends on age. Senior campers will have their social events with the girls one night a week. This can either be in the form of a dance, luau at the lake, or even a game of dodge ball. Senior campers also have an opportunity twice during a 4-week session to go on an outing, off camp. Both junior and senior campers often participate in other special activities. A few examples are a camp-wide Square Dance, Color Wars, Outdoor Movie night, Talent Show or the incredibly popular Campfire. At the end of the camp session, a special campfire called Candlelight happens, which is a magical evening never to be forgotten.

Special evening activities take place the last week of camp to showcase what the campers have learned over their time at camp, such as Music Show, Dance Show, and the Camp Play.

8:15 Evening Snack

Once Evening Activity is finished, the boys head back to the mess hall for evening snack. This usually consists of pretzels, popcorn, maybe a shortbread cookie, and always a drink. When snack time has finished, the boys head back to camp to have a little more free time before they are required to be back in their cabins.

8:45 Call to Quarters

Time for the boys to return to their cabins to wind down from a fun-filled day. The cabins buzz as stories are swapped and jokes told from the action-packed day.

9:00 Taps

Taps is called at 9:00, a proper way to end the day.

9:15 Junior Camp lights out

9:45 Senior Camp lights out

Everyone rests to get up and do it all over again the next day!

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