Celebrating Our Returning Heroes at Forest Lake Camp!

We are thrilled to announce that over 70% of our staff are returning to Forest Lake Camp this summer, ensuring that our campers enjoy a familiar, welcoming, and experienced team. Notably, 100% of our administrative and head counselor staff are returning staff members, ready to recreate the magic and mentorship they we have all come to expect from FLC.

Here are just a few of the many amazing counselors and admin who will be joining us for another amazing summer: Sydney Oren, Kaia Verheyen, Charles Adams, Raphael Desroches, Jesse Bender, Kirsten Hayes, Diego Hurtado, Dwight Stefanakis, Sophie Wood, Sarah Colgan, Mallory Macomber, Sam Guron, Aiden Priest, Maya Kelly, Annecy Blanck, Sophie Tannen, Anna Wilkerson, Rita Bochi, Marcus Duell, James Anstee, Justin Bokan, Eddie Marcos, Milan Banier, Tim Dennis, Kelli Scott, Lisa Moore, Valdemar Hernandez, Alvi Baquero, Matt Laytham, Joe O’Brien, Emma Blanck, Kenzie Kelly, Bob Duffy, Madi Kelly, Brenda Powell, and JC!

Each of these individuals brings a unique spirit, expertise, and dedication to our camp, making it a home away from home for our campers. Their commitment to our values and their passion for youth development help us provide an unparalleled camp experience.

Join us in welcoming back these wonderful individuals who make Forest Lake Camp a truly special place for every camper. Here’s to another fantastic summer of growth, adventure, and lasting memories!