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A Residential Camp for ALL

Listen here parents, if you want to send your child to camp as a last minute decision you MUST do so NOW! Our last sessions start on the 23rd of July! Next summer may seem really far away, but thats because it is! You don’t want to procrastinated and waste time with the only option left for your child being camp next summer! Send them to us! We promise they will be active, have endless fun, make countless memories, create new friendships, try new things and even step out of their comfort zones! Here at Forest Lake Camp, we are finding more and more reasons to convince parents that our residential summer camp in Upstate, New York is the best around. First or foremost, children will stay on the move and active all summer long. During the school year, it’s easy for children to stay active with all of the sports they play, afterschool activities they take part in, and long school days filled with various classes. But during the summer, it can be hard for children to continue the habit of staying active, which makes our summer camp the perfect choice!

At Forest Lake Camp, our campers get to choose from a variety of super cool summer camp activities. Throughout the summer, children will be able to participate in the ideal number of activities that are appropriate for their age. These activities include swimming, equestrian, drama, arts & crafts, science, outdoor adventures, and a wide range of sports. Everyday at Forest Lake Camp is different and is guaranteed to be filled with new and exciting opportunities to keep your son or daughter active. Plus, our amazing residential summer camp staff is always ready to teach children new skills and achieve personal goals.

If you’re interested in the best residential summer camp in New York for your son or daughter next summer, then Forest Lake Camp is the perfect choice! Contact us at 518-623-4771 for more information, to sign up for next summer, or to schedule a tour of our campgrounds today!