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Your Last Chance to Sign Up for Our Summer Camp

YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO SIGN YOUR CHILD UP FOR SUMMER CAMP!!! You may hate to rush, and you may never do things at the last minute. However, if your child is constantly in your hair, sitting around the house and not having as much fun as they possibly could on their long vacation, then please consider us! We are Forest Lake Camp, also known as FLC, and we pride our selves on ensuring that all of our campers have a memorable and fun filled summer.  We are a summer camp for boys and girls in Upstate, New York that is the perfect last minute option to save your child’s summer!

Summer is the one time that children can escape from the pressures and extensive amount of homework! We know its hard to try and find the perfect place for your kid. You want a camp that makes them feel comfortable, maximizes their fun, and creates a safe environment! Well, you should know, we offer all of that and more. We have endless activities ranging from outdoor sports, to water sports, to arts and crafts and more! We are the classic image you think of when you imagine a summer camp. Any parent that went to summer camp knows they have never forgotten the memories they made during their time there. Why not send your child to Forest Lake Camp and allow them to do the same thing before their 2016 summer ends. We promise you they will have a great time!

Quick, join the best summer camp in New York before its too late! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to have you join our camp family!

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