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Why To Choose Our New York Family Camp

Parents, when thinking back to your childhood, was going to camp the highlight of your summer? What if we said you could experience those days again, but with your children this time? At Forest Lake Camp, we think that sounds like the perfect summer getaway filled with fun, excitement, and tons of new memories for the entire family. Our New York Family Camp is a weeklong experience for children and parents to spend time together while reliving everything parents remember from childhood summers!

Now you might be wondering, why should I choose to go to Forest Lake Camp for family camp this year? Well to start off, we offer A TON of family camp activities for parents and children alike to paOpen houserticipate in. Families can choose to try out over fifty different activities that include soccer, arts & crafts, sailing, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, and more! Our family camp staff is always adding new unique activities to keep family camp exciting. Parents and children can decide which activities they want to try and are more than welcome to take a day off. Parents, want to spend a couple of hours without your kids? Go ahead! There are activities that you can participate in by yourselves, every night parents will have an opportunity to socialize with other families once children go to sleep, and babysitting services are offered on Friday night. Family Camp isn’t just for children, it’s enjoyable for the entire family, adults especially! Are you interested in just spending a relaxing day without the constant activities? Our property is extensive, beautiful, and constantly being improved. Our family camp facilities include a variety of fields, courts, activity spaces, and waterfront amenities. Spend a day along at the beach on our one and a half mile shoreline or go offsite and learn to waterski or go white water rafting! There are endless options to choose from at Forest Lake Camp and always something to please everyone.

Ready to sign your family up for the best New York Family Camp? Contact Forest Lake Camp at 518-623-4771 for more information or to sign your family up today!