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Why Families NEED to Attend Family Camp in New York

It’s finally summer, which means the kids are out of school and parents get some time off of work. With everyone finally getting a break, this is the perfect time to spend some much needed time with the family. And the perfect place to do that is at family camp! At Camp Forest Lake, we offer a weeklong family camp in New York that is the perfect mix of fun and relaxation for everyone!

Spending time together as a family is beneficial not only for the children, but for the parents too! By participating in our family camp activities, the bond among the entire family will strengthen and allow 2014 Staffeveryone to feel closer to each other. We offer activities that everyone can participate in together, like soccer, canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, arts & crafts, and more! A typical day at family camp allows families to spend time together and become closer to each other. In addition to getting closer, spending time as a family improves how children preform in school, lessens the amount of behavioral problems, and reduces the likelihood of getting involved in violence and drug abuse as they grow. Our family camp facilities are constantly being updated and improved to give you and your family the perfect experience at Forest Lake Camp.

Those are just some of the many reasons why your family should definitely attend family camp this summer! If you’re looking for the best family camp in New York, then you’ve found it with Forest Lake Camp! Call us today at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to sign your family up today.