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What to Look for in a Sleepaway Camp in Upstate New York

For parents who went to sleep away camp, the choice is easy. Of course, their kids will go. “Sleep away camp is a gift, Sleep away camp is the best time of my life, I met my best friends at Sleep away camp”. People say sleep away camp builds independence, resilience and confidence. Ask yourself “What was my most memorable childhood experience and did it include your parents?” Most probably that answer is NO WAY, it happened at Sleep away camp. Many parents say that my kid grew up a lot when they are at sleep away camp, and if you went to sleep away camp as a kid do you remember when you came home from sleepaway camp, did you feel different?

If you live in New York and you are thinking of sending your child to sleep away camp before this summer ends, here are a few questions to ask yourself or some things to know that will help narrow your choices for picking a sleep away camp this summer:

What is your price range for a summer camp this year?

What does a sleep away camp in New York offer different than one in other states?

Sleep away camps prices range from $1,500 for one week to over $15,000 for the summer. Since the summer is almost over and you are going to be looking at later sessions, how much can you afford? Hurry up and check out our dates and rates

How long do you want your child to go to sleep away camp?

There are camps as short as two weeks or up to eight weeks. Some sleep away camps offer multiple options so your child can stay for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or the whole summer.


You can go crazy trying to find the best sleep away camp for your child. The best thing to do is visit the camp, take a tour and see what your child’s reaction is. If they are beaming and can’t stop smiling…your sleep away camp choice is much easier. To schedule a tour of Forest Lake Camp in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York please call 518-623-4771 and speak with one of the directors.