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September 2016 Newsletter

What are our staff up to now?


We value our staff at FLC.  They come to camp at the start of each season ready to create lasting memories and rich experiences for our campers.  They come to camp each season dedicated to teach and to play and build friendships.  They come with an undying energy and creative spirit that impacts lives and makes campers want to return each summer.  So often we think of their lives being all things camp and we cannot imagine their lives outside of Forest Lake.   In truth, our staff come from varied backgrounds and life experiences, taking them to all corners of the earth, defining the incredibly diverse and amazing people that they are.  What better way to show our community what this looks like then to share what a few of our staff have been up to since they left camp at the end of the camp season. We asked staff about their summer highlights, about what they miss most about their time at camp and to share some of their stories since camp ended.  Here is what they said:    

FLC: what have you been up to since you left FLC in August?  

image1Scarlet Adams: After an action packed, fun filled summer surrounded by smiles and energy at FLC I am now beginning a 7 month journey around South America. FLC gave me the start I needed to feel confident in myself and embark on this journey. I am currently in Colombia. After visiting the pretty and colorful lanes of Cartagena I am now in Santa Marta enjoying a more rustic vibe surrounded by beautiful beaches. I will continue my journey down into Ecuador and eventually finish in Brazil to enjoy the Rio carnival. Thank you to everyone for being involved in making my summer so amazing. See you all next year!

FLC: What was a highlight for you this past summer?

Andy Menard: During move in day campers tend to be a bit shy and tend to stick to themselves. They are absorbed with thoughts of home and activities that they will miss with their friends and families. As the summer goes on campers really get out of their comfort zone by learning new activities and making new friends. I didn’t fully realize that the campers weren’t the only ones changing over the summer and it came to fruition until the last night on camp. The highlight of my summer was on the last night of camp when everyone was saying goodbye. Many tears were shed by campers and counselors alike and it was truly an amazing scene. Although I knew I wouldn’t see many of the faces around me for another year I was star struck by how close everyone had grown. In that moment I saw how far everyone had come in a short time and how much of an impact they have had on my life.

FLC: What have you been up to since you left FLC in August?  screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-12-02-30-pm

Andy Menard: After camp ended I took some much needed time to relax and recuperate. I spent a few days at home with my family
and then moved into my apartment at my college. Camp encouraged me to branch out at
school and try some activities that I honed at camp such as joining the Ultimate Frisbee team, the outdoors club, and the climbing club. 

FLC: What do you miss most about your time at FLC?  

Andy Menard: What I miss most about FLC is the constant activity. Not a day goes by at camp where you don’t go to bed exhausted! The days are filled with swimming, climbing, hiking, talking, and countless other amazing activities. When your head hits the pillow at night you know you earned that sleep and thats something that I really miss. 

FLC: What was a highlight for you this past summer?screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-39-57-am

Hadley Reine: There are so many great moments from this past summer that it’s hard to choose just one. I was recently thinking about my overnight canoe trip on Utawona lake with eight senior girl campers. Those two days were truly remarkable. We got to canoe almost five miles in one afternoon! It was also the first opportunity that many of the girls had to go on an overnight canoeing trip. It was amazing to see everyone try new things like portaging a canoe, practicing different paddle stroke, and learning how to identify native tree types. I also had amazing conversations with every single one of the campers. That experience was definitely a highlight of my summer.

FLC: What have you been up to since you left FLC in August?

Hadley Reine: The day I left FLC was also the day I flew back to the west coast for school. I went straight into training for my position as an orientation leader. I got to introduce new students to the wonderful world of Tacoma, WA and the Univeristy of Puget Sound. Since then I’ve been busy with classes, friends, frisbee club, climbing club, my intermural teams, and my job. I recently got the opportunity to escape the school for a weekend go rock climbing in Vantage, WA. It was a wonderful experience with beautiful weather and great friends.

FLC: What do you miss most about your time at FLC?

Hadley Reine: The people. I think is the answer most folks would say when being asked this question. The environment of FLC makes it so easy to make friends for life over a short amount of time. I miss all of my co-counselors and campers that I grew close to over the summer. It is amazing to have such a variety of happy, energetic, and dedicated people that live no farther than a walk across the field. Forest Lake Camp makes people beautiful. 

FLC: What was a highlight for you this past summer?  dan-and-will

Dan Graham: I can never just pick one highlight from an FLC summer.  If I had to pick one highlight though it would be the soccer games and tournaments that Luke and I had the pleasure of coaching together. We did absolutely fantastically in all of our games- winning 12 out of the 15 that we played. My favorite game of the summer was our first Camp Adirondack tournament. We won 1-0.  My heart has never beaten so fast, even in the games I have been playing in!  It was a fantastic game and everyone played their hearts out, cementing the fact that…. FLC is a FORTRESS!  I have to mention a 2nd highlight too- Kayak on your head was an all time favorite too!

FLC: What have you been up to since you left FLC in August?  

Dan Graham: I actually left camp at the very end of August because I was lucky enough to stay on for Family Camp, Bonnie Brae and even two weddings- I just couldn’t leave!  Once I finally left I headed to NYC and enjoyed a great FLC reunion with a number of staff.  I then flew home to the wonderful (and rainy) Newcastle.  Since I have been home I have been playing soccer almost everyday.  I have also been back to my second favorite place (after FLC) to St. James Park to watch my beloved Newcastle United team play.  I have also reunited with FLC staffer, Will Raymonde, to enjoy live soccer!

FLC: What do you miss most about your time at FLC?  

Dan Graham: Now this is not an easy one….. The People!!!  From Lilly and Gene, to the counselors, to the kitchen staff, and most importantly the campers.  I love spending 8 weeks with all the campers , living in the award winning cleanest cabin (Sequoia), full of our new brothers and creating memories that will last forever. From soccer games, to Candlelight campfire, to seeing Margaret Kelly with a kayak on her head…. It does not get much better than that!

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