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October 2016 Newsletter

What are our Staff up to now?


We value our staff at FLC.  They come to camp at the start of each season ready to create lasting memories and rich experiences for our campers.  They come to camp each season dedicated to teach and to play and build friendships.  They come with an undying energy and creative spirit that impacts lives and makes campers want to return each summer.  So often we think of their lives being all things camp and we cannot imagine their lives outside of Forest Lake.   In truth, our staff come from varied backgrounds and life experiences, taking them to all corners of the earth, defining the incredibly diverse and amazing people that they are.  What better way to show our community what this looks like then to share what a few of our staff have been up to since they left camp at the end of the camp season. We asked staff about their summer highlights, about what they miss most about their time at camp and to share some of their stories since camp ended.  Here is what they said:    

dsc_0328FLC: What was a highlight for you this past summer?

Megan Cullen: It’s hard to pinpoint just one highlight of the summer because it was such a phenomenal one, so I’ll mention a few: I really enjoyed giving a talk at Chapel as well as watching my soccer team that I coached with Luke win 2nd place in a tournament! We even got a trophy!! I also loved going on outings with cabin Cascade both sessions, especially roller blading. Finally, I loved watching the girls who I have known for years and years mature and grow up into incredibly kind and talented young ladies; the future of FLC is bright. 

FLC: What have you been up to since you left FLC in August? 

Megan Cullen: I moved back into school at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana shortly after leaving FLC! I’ve been very busy playing with my club ultimate team, playing in two tournaments in South Bend and Milwaukee.  I’m currently studying Computer Science at ND and have been very busy with those classes.  I am also enjoying a (mostly unsuccessful but still very fun) football season and reuniting with all of my friends!

FLC: What do you miss most about your time at FLC?

Megan Cullen: The thing I miss most is the people. I have met the most incredible people here during my 15 summers at FLC and it never gets easier to say goodbye each August. The friendships I’ve formed have spanned oceans and continents and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

dsc_0521FLC: What was a highlight for you this past summer?

Emily Brew: Summer 2016 was especially amazing, so I struggled picking one highlight, but the first Color War Mile Monday (which actually took place on a Wednesday) really stood out to me. The theme was wacky Wednesday and tons of girls assembled with everything from animal onsies and morphsuits, to super high, neon socks and mis-matched shoes, some even used their towels as capes— it was awesome! Everyone, regardless of their speed, was trying their hardest and even though it was Color War, Green team members ran and cheered on White Team members and vis versa.  It really signified the epitome of Color War at FLC: even though everyone is intensely competing against each other, we’re all one family in the end. 

FLC: What have you been up to since you left FLC in August?

Emily Brew: The day after I left camp, I went on a family trip to Moab, Utah with another FLC family, the Eichels! In Moab I did tons of hiking, mountain biking, and white water rafting. It was so cool to be in a landscape that completely contrasted FLC and was unlike anything I had seen before. After Moab, I went straight to soccer pre-season and have been playing tons of soccer for the past 3 months. 

FLC: What do you miss most about your time at FLC?

Emily Brew: I miss being around the happy, smiling faces that permeate throughout FLC. Everyone at FLC is just so nice and you truly are never bored of the people you see, even after 8 weeks. Everyone is always so enthusiastic and happy about everything from beating camp ADK to Cabin Clean-up. There is never a dull moment at FLC!! 

dsc_0462FLC: What was a highlight for you this past summer? 

Jack Loia: I truly miss all of the friends I made at Forest Lake. I think the friends that I made and the experiences I had are the memories I cherish the most. Every small moment we shared like sitting and talking after a long day, or meeting up in the Boys Hill Office, or playing soccer together, these are the moments I keep close to my heart.  I hold the many FLC faces very fondly and I think of the people often.

FLC: What have you been up to since you left FLC in August? 

Jack Loia: Since I left camp I was inspired to go on an adventure of my own. Camp truly changed my entire perspective and I made excited to see more of the world around me. So many campers and staff lived such exciting lives, inspiring me to know more and see more as they do. And so, now I’m in England.  I spend my time taking care of kids in a poor neighborhood at one of the local day cares. I’m also working with university professors to teach them techniques to incorporate the idea of World Citizenship in their class rooms. Both of these assignments are extremely exciting.

FLC: Please share some of your adventures or stories! 

Jack Loia: I arrived in Manchester after 24 hours of traveling across Europe just to get to England. It was a long flight.  After a stop in Portugal I moved on to London and took the train to Manchester, while getting lost in Reading. My first impression of England was that it was absolutely beautiful, and despite what they say about the weather, I still think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Although there is nothing like New York in the fall, England is spectacular! I have been experiencing all the things I have only heard about from my mates back at FLC. I have to say I have never experienced anything like it, and there may not be anything like it anywhere in the world.

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