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October 2014 Newsletter

Congrats To Our 2014 FLC Newlyweds!

wedding pictureThey came from far and wide, indeed some came from as far away as Australia. As the dust settled on Summer Camp 2014 we almost immediately embarked on hosting 4 weddings to close out the season. In fact FLC had already hosted 2 others, 1 pre-season during our staff development and 1, 24-hour celebration squeezed in between family camp and our friends from New Jersey, Bonnie Brae.

wedding couple
Jennifer Hatton and Scott Baven. photo – Catherine Hennessy Photography

In 2013 FLC hosted 4 weddings and in 2014 the natural beauty, breathtaking scenery and private location inspired 6 other couples to follow suit. Four of our couples chose to be  married at campfire, one couple was married at the birch tree on Boys Hill, and one couple was married on the floating dock at waterfront.

There was archery, rifle, skeet shooting, climbing and softball games. Guests went on hikes and of course enjoyed our beautiful waterfront down at the lake. Although the weather was sometimes less than warm or dry for 2 of the weddings it failed to dampen the spirits of brides, grooms and their guests. There were great reviews and feedback about camp, its facilities and its staff, but most importantly, the historical location of FLC has left an indelible mark in the lives of 6 wonderful couples. As we move forward into 2015 bookings have been taken and indeed some have already been provisionally made for 2016.  If one thing is certain, the place many of us call “Home” is now becoming home to many many more.

On behalf of the whole FLC community we would like to pass along our heartfelt congratulations to our 2014 newlyweds


Tara Schroll and Jeffrey Szalkowski
Laura Riehlman and Steve Sandman
Nerissa Lindenfelser and Brian Zahora
Jennifer Hatton and Scott Baver
Minou Sinios and Nathan Kerxhalli
Samantha Hartig and Carl Holtzer