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End of Summer 2015 Newsletter

We recognize our campers at FLC

DSC_0625There are four special camper awards given out each summer at the end of our 1st and 2nd session. They include:

Heart of FLC (girls’ camp) and Most Dedicated (boys’ camp) goes to the camper who shows their love and dedication of camp through their actions.

Most Enthusiastic goes to the camper who is outgoing and shows his/her enthusiasm for camp through his/her actions.

Most Athletic goes to the camper who is most involved in all of our sports, who excels in a number of areas and exhibits strong sportsmanship in all areas.

Spirit of FLC goes to the camper who most embodies FLC’s values and beliefs through their own actions and attitudes.

This summers awards went to the below campers. Please join us in congratulating these campers for their hard work and dedication to Forest Lake Camp!


Most DediIMG_4005.JPGcated- Eoin O’Mara (1st session), Alex Bouchard (2nd session)

Most Athletic- Octavio Romero (1st session), Paul Arechabaleta (2nd session)

Most Enthusiastic – Luke Gordon (1st session), Gregory Keeler (2nd session)

Spirit of FLC – Luca De Vecchi (1st session), Elias Capriles (2nd session)




Heart of FLC – Cat Smith (1st session), Oihana Ojanguren (2nd session)

Most Athletic – Haley Wilson (1st session), Emma Blanck (2nd session)

Most Enthusiastic – Francesca Orr (1st session), Madison Kelly (2nd session)

Spirit of FLC – Olivia Gordon (1st session), Marie-Eve Rousseau (2nd session)

The long-standing tradition of assigning campers to a color team (red or blue for boys, green or white for girls) and competing over the course of the summer has continued!!!

After adding all the points together for the entire summer, the results are in:
Blue (Senior) and Blue (Junior) and Green(Senior) and Green (Junior) have won Color War for 2015! Congratulations to all of our campers!