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January 2017 Newsletter

U.K. FLC Staff Reunion

16266049_10158212858015594_3913684508100661778_nFLC is such a special place, you still feel part of the camp community even when you’re thousands of miles away! It was wonderful to see Lilly and Gene and counsellors past and present all together. It felt as though I’d never left camp! Although I won’t be able to return this year, the friendships I made at FLC are lifelong and I know that I’ll always be welcome back at camp. FLC has brought so many amazing people into my life and I am so lucky to always be a part of that family.– Eleanor Clack (2016 Dance instructor)

FLC is family. There is no where else you can work and feel so unbelievably supported in all you do. Even when I’m not at FLC for the summer I feel I can turn to those throughout the year for support and guidance and have a laugh. I look forward to spending time with any FLCer camper or staff!  FLC has brought so much to my life. For the past two summers it has been a place I can take a break from university life while sharing something that I love and am so passionate about with the campers. I have met life long friends through Forest Lake and I can’t thank everyone at FLC enough for all they and the place has given me. I honestly can’t wait to be back at FLC this summer and I look forward to all the adventures. I hope I can continue to push the riding program to bigger and better things and I look forward to sharing it with everyone. -Harriet Young (2015-2017 Riding Director)

For me, FLC is where all your worries disappear and you can just enjoy being yourself, around the best people and in the best place in the world.  It was so amazing to be at the reunion in London and to see so many wonderful people again! It is amazing how your friends truly become family. Although I have missed FLC so much, joining together with so many felt like we’d never been apart.  FLC brought so many wonderful people into my life, people I have learned so much from and who I will never forget.-Jessie Cooke (2015-2016 All Around Girls’ Camp Counselor)