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November 2016 Newsletter

A Reflection from Senior Girls’ Camp

5b5a7572What is your name? My name is Caroline Collins

How many summers have you been coming to FLC? This coming summer will be my third summer at camp.

What is the FIRST word you think of when you think of camp? Home

Why do you look forward to returning to camp? I love seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. It is like seeing and being with a GIANT extended part of my family.

dsc_0539-xlWhat was one of your first impressions of camp your first summer? I remember my first year I was a little surprised at being the youngest in my cabin. I kind of felt like I was everyones little sister. It made me feel like I had a lot of people looking out for me. My second summer I remember just being really happy to see everyone!

What is your favorite activity at camp? That is a really hard question! I think it is between riding and rock climbing. I love riding because I really like being at the stables. Especially Rue- she is my favorite. I have a strong connection to animals and I like spending time at the stables. It is like a lesson but you are talking and having fun at the same time.  Climbing is also really fun. 

Do you have a favorite camp memory?  That is a hard question too.  So far I think it is when we moved our Head Counselor’s  office out into the field. It is one of my favorite memories because my whole cabin got together and had so much fun.  I really like being able to have fun with the counselors too.

dsc_0540-xlWhat would you say to someone who was thinking about going away to summer camp? Why would you encourage them to think about FLC?  I actually talk to multiple people about this.  I tell people that it is not too big so you really get to know everyone.  I say that there are always people you see from summer to summer but that you also get to meet new people.  I tell people that I love that FLC has people from different countries. I have a friend from Puerto Rico and I am really trying to convince her to come. Everyone at FLC is really one big group and accepting of one another! That is what I say.

Anything else you want to share?  I recently saw the Wilkerson twins when they were visiting Texas.  They are from Rhode Island so they were really far from home.  It was really neat to have ties with them and for us to share camp with one another.  You really get to grow a connection with everyone at FLC.  I miss every single person from camp!