November 2017 Newsletter

Nothing but THANKS to our rental guests and staff!

As this addition of the newsletter more or less coincides with Thanksgiving, I thought I would tap into that resource for the subject of this months Rentals piece.

There are so many things that I am thankful for as the Rentals Manager at Forest Lake Camp. I would like to give thanks for the brides and the grooms who chose to spend one of their most memorable life changing occasions with us, I hope your weekend leaves an indelible mark on your lives! Thanks to all the mothers and fathers of grooms and brides who supported and enjoyed the decision to allow us to host your families and your friends. We appreciate those families and friends who drove the miles, brought the smiles and cheered, clapped and celebrated in style.

To the schools who chose from literally thousands of possible camps, to come and enjoy and grow in our truly unique location a BIG Thanks!

To those corporate clients who decided the Adirondacks was the perfect spot to team build, brainstorm and equally have an enjoyable visit away from the hassle and bustle of daily lives we appreciate YOU!

And finally the staff.

From the caretakers endless enthusiasm when repairing things late at night, the groundsmen and his constant mowing and moving, the kitchen staff, the Summer Camp staff who stayed on to work a couple of events, returning Alum who drove 5 hours to help out. To the regular stand out performers; Sadie Ball, Bob Duffy, Olivia Ridge, Patti Ball, Brenda Powell and Katharine Mulderry, we couldn’t have done it without you!  Every year our feedback highlights one key ingredient at Forest Lake Camp, the staff and with comments every year similar to this I can’t thank you enough. – Brett Booker, FLC Rental Manager

The staff’s concern for the happiness of the bride (and groom) was primary and constantly being confirmed throughout the weekend. And happiness was never a question with the excellent customer service; above and beyond that, staff were always concerned and making sure the wedding party was not only happy, but having a fabulous time. -Former wedding guest 

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!