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October 2016 Newsletter

New Camper Reflection of Summer 2016


What is your name and where are you from? Maya Kraidy. I was born in Washington D.C. but I live just outside of Philadelphia.

How did you hear about FLC? I heard about FLC from a friend, Mary Worth, that had been going to FLC for years. She told me all about camp and later went to the open house. I loved the idea of going to camp!

What was your favorite activity at FLC? My favorite activity at FLC was the waterfront- everything about it! I am a swimmer and love being in the water. I loved how many different activities there were at the waterfront.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about trying camp out for the first time? To someone who was thinking about going to camp for the first time, I would tell them that they just had the best idea in the world. Camp is so much fun and you meet so many new people!

Share what you enjoyed about being at camp? What I enjoyed most about being at camp were all the new friends I made. There are so many amazing people at camp that come from all over the world.

What was one of your favorite memories about being at camp? One of my favorite memories of being at camp was when we preformed our Lip Sync dance. It was so much fun to come up with and even more fun to preform! I’m looking forward to returning to FLC for another summer,  to make more amazing memories and meet more new people. FLC is an amazing place to spend your summer!

Parent Reflection: 

Maya’s time at FLC was truly special. When she decided to sign up for FLC as a first-time camper, she did so with a remarkably strong conviction that it would be a wonderful experience. And that’s exactly what she made of it. She got there, she lived it fully, and she came back with a whole new load of self-confidence and maturity. But it is not only Maya’s outlook that I am sure helped bring about this success, it is what FLC is: Awesome staff: caring and nurturing, flexible and interesting. Unbelievable activity offerings: Is there anything you can’t do at FLC? And most of all: Unmatched commitment. We feel very lucky that Maya was able to experience FLC and look forward to her doing it again in upcoming summers.