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November 2016 Newsletter

NEW – 2017 Staff “Yurt” Lounge


Each summer at FLC there are many surprises in store for our camp community.  Last summer, among many things, was the inauguration of our incredible new Mess Hall, a canoe expedition for our 15-year olds, off camp climbing trips and an impressive soccer clinic instructed by a top level Collegiate coach.   This coming summer, among many things,  we are thrilled to share that our staff have some new perks to look forward to!  

We cannot wait for them to enjoy their much deserved time off throughout the summer months. The more our staff are rested and feeling cared for and fulfilled, the more energy and creativity they have to share with our campers.  For 2017 we have created the perfect recipe for just that.

In summer 2017 we will be introducing our NEW Staff Lounge! FLC has purchased a 30 foot yurt that will house a ping pong table, card table, movies, games and lounging furniture, all for staff to enjoy during their time off.

And to give more reasons to stay on camp, FLC is excited to offer off-hour activities to our staff during their time-off, such as trap, trail rides and even time spent down at waterfront.  We want FLC to be enjoyed each and every minute of the day and our staff deserve this much needed time to be their absolute best.  2017 Staff, get ready for some fun times ahead and a spot to call your own!

*Note: picture above is a stock picture and not an actual picture of FLC’s new yurt – but it should look very similar 🙂