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May 2017 Newsletter

The mentor / LIT relationship at FLC


As we look to the summer ahead we recognize the team of leaders that make the camper experience a rich and rewarding one. FLC’s LIT (Leader in Training) program offers young leaders the chance to put strong leadership qualities to work through hands on involvement within the community of camp and at times even away from camp.  The LIT experience provides countless opportunities to practice initiative and active engagement within the lives of others through assisting and leading activity periods and honing coaching and teaching skills.  LITs practice the value of positive role modeling within junior cabin groups, while supporting a strong cabin culture. LITs practice the value of team work and problem solving through their legacy LIT project, acting as good stewards to the camp community through a predetermined hands on summer project.   LITs develop a deepened self-confidence and deepened courage through leading cheers and announcements during meals, skits at campfire, leading a summer chapel service, and planning special events for camper fun.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.20.01 PMLITs are mentored through a number of relationships at camp, one being through their assigned staff mentor who they work with on a weekly basis.  This mentor/mentee relationship allows for both learning and growth on both sides.  Our LIT program is a richer and more meaningful experience, because of the interactions and support our mentor counselors offer our LIT group. When asked what this opportunity means to our mentors, they responded the following way.

I am both honored and excited to be a part of the mentor program this summer. I know that having mentors in various points in my life has helped me grow as a person, and I am thrilled to be able to have that impact on someone else. There is a lot that I can offer to my mentee, and there is a lot that I will be able to learn from her as well. -Shannon Doin (2nd year staff)

When I was told I would be a mentor this summer, I was very glad. Delighted in fact. I can’t wait to be a mentor, because when I was younger I had my teachers to look up to, to inspire and help me towards my dream job of being a PE teacher. And that’s what I hope to be able to do this summer for Anna. I hope that with my guidance she achieves what she wants to achieve this summer and help guide her to grow and become a great young leader and learn new skills she didn’t even think were possible to achieve. I am so glad I can help someone like Anna. I love sharing my pursuit of teaching; which is to  inspire young girls in sporte and help develop them into young adults. –Megan Winters (1st year staff)

Being a mentor means a tremendous amount to me, especially being a mentor for a program I was once a part of and see great value in. I am excited to be a sector of the LITS’ huge support system and help them learn how to be the best leaders they can be. – Emily Brew (alum and 2nd year staff)

Camp is about community, it is about growth, it is about risk taking and it helps us develop life-long skills to carry forward.  The LIT program further emphasizes this commitment and works hard to provide life-long leadership opportunities for its participants.  This summer we are thrilled to welcome Olivia Gordon, Anna Touitou, Ines Costa, Maddie Brew, Allie Nieradka, Lily Yustein, Luke Gordon, Theo Mentzelopolus, Gabe Mullins and Andrew Mazza to the team. It is going to be a great summer through their leadership.

To future 16 year old LIT applicants, we look forward to having you join this incredible experience in years to come.