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Making New Friends at Sleepaway Camp near Lake George

DSC_0612One of the top reasons why children love summer camp is all of the new friends that they make. At Forest Lake Camp, many of our campers say that they count down until summer camp starts again so they can reunite with all of their camp friends. Our sleepaway camp near Lake George is one of the best places for your son or daughter to make new friends all while having a fun filled summer.

A very common fear that parents have is that their child won’t make any friends at summer camp. When in reality, children will make a ton of friends within their first couple of days! By participating in a variety of sleepaway camp activities, children will be given an opportunity to interact with campers who have similar interests and mindsets. Also, every camper is accepted for who they are with no judgment from their peers. Being judged is an extremely common fear for children in school, but at camp that fear does not exist. Instead, children are welcomed into a safe and supportive summer camp community where everyone is friends. So parents, there is no reason to be worried that your son or daughter won’t make friends at camp, because that’s impossible! With the help of our summer camp staff and all of our fellow campers, new campers will come home at the end of the summer with new memories and friends that will last for the rest of their life!

If you’re interested in sending your son or daughter to the best sleepaway camp near Lake George, then look no further than Forest Lake Camp! Call us at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to schedule a tour of our campgrounds today.