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The End Of The Summer Newsletter

A Letter to Future FLC Campers

Dear campers to be,Julia C.

FLC is a perfect place for people who want to learn new things, to be responsible and hardworking. If you are worried that you will not know what to do and you will be left out, don’t worry! The counselors and LIT’s (almost counselors) are super nice and will tell you everything that is happening.

In addition, if you are worried that you are too young to stay for the amount of time you are staying or you are going to be in a cabin with people you don’t know, don’t worry! I met plenty and plenty of people during my first summer at FLC who were really nice and helped me feel very welcomed and a part of everything.

Lastly, if you are worried you won’t get enough sleep, you will! You get plenty of sleep plus two hours of rest time everyday.  You will have a great time at FLC!                                                                                                     –  By Julie Cheston

Julia C