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May 2014 Newsletter

Welcome Back Home, Kate Wilson!

kate wilsonThe feeling I have when I turn onto Forest Lake Road is the same today as it was over twenty years ago. One of excitement, joy and the knowledge that pure adventure and lifelong friendships await.
I worked as a camp counselor for several summers in the early 1990s when the FLC girls camp was first established. Those summers helped to form the person I am today. My FLC experiences, a deepened admiration for the outdoors, and the beauty of the Adirondacks left a mark that took me back to FLC when it was time for my own children to chose a summer camp. Three years ago my daughter, Haley, experienced the same feelings as we turned onto Forest Lake Road. And last year Haley’s younger sister, Olivia followed.
WilsonThis summer I am thrilled that my son, Liam, and I will also join the girls at FLC. I will be working in the front office and Liam will be a first time camper. I look forward to a wonderful summer of getting to know campers, families, and staff. And as I always I can’t wait to make that turn onto Forest Lake Road!                                                                                                                                                                                     Kate Wilson