Introducing the 2021 LITs


After applications, interviews, and an arduous wait, a select group have been accepted into the 2021 LIT program at Forest Lake Camp! These eldest campers and future leaders will experience camp at a whole new level. They will develop their leadership skills through training and team work while beginning to take on responsibilities in activities and junior cabins. These LITs will be role models and mentors who will help shape the experiences and memories of our current campers, and will grow as individuals who will learn about the value that they can bring to their communities and beyond.

We are thrilled with our group of LITs for 2021 and have no doubt that they will bring great things to camp, and will come away with memories and experiences that will stay with them through their lifetime. We are uniquely lucky this year, as our 2020 LITs will be joining our 2021 LITs to make an extra special group of amazing campers and leaders!

Your 2021 LITs:

Girls Camp

Madalyn B.

Maya K.

Izzy B.

Leah G.

Anna H.

Kyle K.

Anney B.

Evelyn W.

Jesse B.

Lucy T.

Rita B.

Serena B.

Boys Camp

Ian N.

Ryan A.

Pablo A.

Salvatore D.

Raphael D.

Arun J.