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Alumni News

I love your ‘HOME’ Video…….

We received this great email from Alum, Scott Tilden today, thanks Scott – we so appreciate hearing from our alum!

Click on HOME to view the video

I’ve seen it before but haven’t commented  about your “Home”, Forest Lake Camp’s 2013 welcoming video. That is an incredible piece of work. Mostly on a single take, with all those people joining in en route, amazingly synchronized to lips, and keeping everybody running on the beat is just absolutely unbelievable.

And with all amateur talent. I’d venture to say that the only thing a top pro troupe might have tried to add was actual live sound, but it never would have worked. And you did that at the end where everybody cheered.

Congratulations! Great job. Makes me proud to be an alum!

–Scott W. Tilden
’59-’70 or so…..

Note: Our Home video was created and directed by Brett Booker during the summer of 2013 – Boys’ Camp Head Counselor.