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The End Of The Summer Newsletter

Goodbyes: I Hate Saying Them

Izzy DavisGoodbyes: I HATE saying them, especially when I have to leave FLC. It has become more than just camp to me. All of my greatest memories lie here and they always will.

The first summer I was at camp I was in Cabin 1. My two counselors were Eli and Ryan.

If you ask them what I was like in the beginning they would say that I was shy and homesick a lot. Now I bet they would say I am the loud girl who is always cheering in the Mess Hall with a smile!

This year my counselors were Becky, Emily and Lena. I loved having all three of them. They became my moms. From the Cabin 3 dog piles. To cuddle puddles, to girls camp dance parties, I have loved this summer more than any other.I want my counselor to know that they have done so much for me over the past three years.

DSC_3653Elie and Ryan were the two counselors who helped me through my homesickness. I owe so much to them. If my counselors had not shared the big hugs and kind words, I would not be as confident as I am today. I am so thankful for how much all of them have loved me.I wrote a poem called “Home” earlier in the summer. One of the things I said was, “I do not know what I would have done for my last three summers if I had not come to Forest Lake.” That is a true statement. Nothing can compare to the fun, joyful, happy, adventure filled memories of camp.

– Isabella Davis