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February 2015 Newsletter

Girls’ Cabin 5 Reflections

cabin 5 2nd session

This month we are featuring Girls’ cabin 5 from our 2014 summer. Reflections from our cabin counselors and campers in this cabin best exemplifies the camaraderie, fun and spirit of cabin life at FLC. It also helps our campers and staff keep their FLC memories alive throughout the year.  Thank you to all who shared!

Cabin 5“When Ryan, Lena and I were told of our cabin assignment in the girls’ head office, we were shocked and elated, as we excitedly jumped up and down, hugging, and screaming as we chanted “dream team, dream team, dream team!”  This was the mindset that we went into the session with, and this statement was fully realized with the arrival of the rest of our team—our lineup of lovely girls who far exceeded anything we could have imagined.  Though many of the girls knew each other previously and many did not, by the end of the session they had all began to function so fluidly, truly as a team. 

Whether it was saluting and chanting, “cabin five, high five,” responding “flawless,” to our call of “we woke up like this,” in the mornings, or jamming out while planning their banquet song, the girls of Cabin 5 never failed to have a blast and a half.  They played, they worked, they laughed, they learned, and they truly were the dream team.” -Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo – cabin counselor

“My summer at FLC was special because of the girls in Cabin 5. Everyone was so loving, and we truly became a family! The girls supported each other and always made sure EVERYONE was included and having a good day! So many memories of us laughing together in the cabin and telling stories while making friendship bracelets. I really loved this because it was such a special experience that I got to share with such amazing people!” -Lena Octavio – cabin counselor

“Annie’s summer at FLC was transformational for her. She was surrounded by warm, friendly, caring friends and adults—all of whom helped her become more confident and independent. She can’t wait to return this summer!” –Elizabeth Roach ,FLC parent 

“My summer at FLC was special because it was an experience unlike any other. I made friendships that will last a lifetime, learned new skills, and bonded with many different girls from all over the world. It provided me with really important life skills and I will never forget my summer there. I really loved this because I came back from camp feeling like a new person, and the experiences and friendships I made at camp will last me forever.” –Annie Roach – cabin camper