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Fun at Adirondack Family Camp

Still trying to decide where to take your family on vacation this summer? Have you ever considered packing up the car and heading off to camp? But instead of just dropping off your children, the whole family stays! Our Adirondack family camp is an amazing place where parents can let out their inner child while creating lifelong memories with their own kids! Camp Forest Lake is the perfect place to have a mix of a relaxing and adventurous week away!

At Forest Lake Camp, families can join us for a week each summer filled with fun and excitement. Family Camp is a special place where parents and children alike can enjoy a variety of family camp activities. We offer over 50 different family camp activities that include archery, arts & crafts, team sports, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, fishing, and more! Every year, we improve and add to our extefamily camp iinsive family camp facilities. Located on over 800 acres of land in the Adirondacks, Forest Lake Camp has a range of facilities that cater to every need and activity. In addition to typical camp buildings, we also have waterfront amenities, sports fields and courts, climbing walls, trails, bike paths, campfire circles, shooting ranges, a vegetable farm, and more! A typical day at family camp consists of activities for the whole family, activities for just parents or children, meals together, and ending the day with a campfire under the stars. Families can choose what they want to do every day. If you want to spend a day exploring the family camp campus, go ahead! If you’d prefer a relaxing day by the lake, go for it. No day at family camp is the same and the choice is yours! At the end of the day, you can go back to our family camp cabins or decide to go camp outside for the night. We even have camping gear that can be signed out so you can have an adventurous night under the stars.

If you’re interested in signing up your family for the best Adirondack family camp, Contact Forest Lake Camp at 518-623-4771 for more information today!