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September 2016 Newsletter

FLC’s LIT Summer- One to Remember!


FLC’s LIT summer is full of rich experiences which offer our 16 year olds the opportunity to excel as leaders, to give back to the world around them and to be challenged both in the mind and the body. Friendships of brotherhood and sisterhood are deepened as LIT’s connect with younger campers through assisting in cabin and activity responsibilities.

We have seen our LIT program grow in depth and numbers over recent years and are committed to providing these young leaders with a dynamic and broadened life experience, that is practical, purposeful and fun. During the course of the summer, LIT’s will volunteer at the Lake Placid Iron Man, participate in a biathlon, be challenged through high ropes inititiaves, come together for reflective meetings as a team, plan for junior activity periods to assist and lead, join a junior cabin, head off camp on a LIT expedition in the high peaks, and most importantly, learn the value of teamwork and support of one another. Below are a few reflections from our 2016 LIT team. 

img_3320Being an LIT has made this past summer the best summer ever. All of the LITs have gotten so close over our 5/7 weeks together. My favorite part of the summer was volunteering at the Lake Placid Iron Man. It was so inspiring to see everyone who was participating, trying their best. A couple of week later, we were able compete in our own “Iron Man” back at Forest Lake. At first I did not believe that I could do it but the other LITs encouraged me the whole time.  As LITs, we got to move into junior cabins which was amazing. At first I was very nervous but the counselors and campers welcomed me into their cabin immediately. Overall, the entire LIT summer was the best summer I have ever had and I wish that summer could have continued.  Caroline Neilson, 2016 LIT 

Although the LITs may enter the summer with the thought of many “lasts” – last social, last soccer tournament, last play – they left the summer reflecting on many “firsts” – first time giving back to camp, first time leading junior campers, first time completing a personal biathalon. The list of what the LITs accomplished this past summer is lengthy and impressive, but I personally was honored to see how they all stepped up in so many ways as the summer went on, distinguishing themselves as role models at FLC.  –David Menard, LIT Counselor 

The LITs had a unique opportunity to learn collaboration and communication skills through off-camp volunteering trips, creative projects, leadership training workshops, weekly themed meetings, and a mentor-mentee program (to name a few!). I was honored to have worked with them and learned alongside them this summer!-Caroline Kravitz, LIT Counselor 

One experience that had a huge impact on my summer was helping out in my junior cabin. The friendships and strong bonds I created with those girls are truly amazing. Since they were the youngest cabin on girls camp, a sense of maternal love quickly came on. Just helping them brush their hair, helping them write letters to their parents during rest hour, or playing games with them during cabin activities made my love for them grow even stronger. The best part of the whole experience was when they were comfortable enough to come to me for anything. They genuinely enjoyed my presence and that could not have made me happier! I still get emails or texts from some of my Cabin Wigwam campers and it puts a huge smile on my face!”  -Alexis Klein, 2016 LIT 

It has been over a month since I left my summer home one last time. Even though I feel sadness, I’m also very exited for what is to come! One day I hope to carry a role as an FLC counselor! My LIT summer taught me lots of values, like friendship and loyalty with my FLC brothers and my counselor David, responsibility regarding my activities (fencing and tennis), and taking care of my boys in my junior cabin whom I miss dearly (big hug to Lev, Rikardo, Inkosi, John, Josh, Hunter, Alejandro and JP), and respect toward others.  Playing in the cabin with my campers, having meaningful conversations with my co-counselors Jack and Charles, having the time of my life with my FLC brothers, and getting closer to incredible people made this summer absolutely unbelievable.  I just want to tell anyone that has FLC anywhere in their thoughts, always try to come back, as a camper, LIT, Alumni, or simply as a visitor. I promise you won’t regret it. #RememberUs2016  -Andres Silva, 2016 LIT

I could never put into words how grateful I am for the experiences I have had at FLC, beginning all the way back in 2010. This LIT summer will be one I will remember for the rest of my life. FLC has made such an impact on who I am and I am forever thankful for Forest Lake and all the beauty it surrounded me with. Thank you, to so many at FLC,  for making my past 7 summers so special.  Sam Alleva, 2016 LIT

Being apart of the LIT program was the highlight of my summer.  As an LIT, I was given the opportunity to do and experience so many new things, and I have learned a significant amount from being apart of an amazing group of LITs. One thing that really stood out to me this summer was the independence we had, and how we were able to use and implement that around camp. I found myself taking on more responsibility and handling things in new ways. Being an LIT challenged me to be more responsible and to really engage myself in everything that I did. I gradually became a more efficient leader, and I strived to be someone that inspires, encourages, and helps others. It was really rewarding to see how my actions influenced and impacted people and their camp experience. I loved connecting with campers, and building friendships, and helping to foster friendships between campers.  From leading my own activity period to spending time with junior campers, from having in depth discussions at LIT meetings, to collaborating on group projects together, from clearing the trail around the lake to volunteering at the Ironman, from stepping out of my comfort zone to taking time to reflect, from cherishing longtime friendships and old memories to making new ones, it all impacted me in significant ways. I learned so much about the type of leader I am, and how to be a better leader.  I learned how to be more open to people and new ideas. I learned how to trust myself and others more, and how to communicate and collaborate more effectively. I learned how to make the best out of every situation. I learned how to step up and take charge, and about the power you have to create change in the people and the world around you.  -Ethelle O’Mara, 2016 LIT

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