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FLC is going SOLAR!

Solar Powered Summer!

At Forest Lake Camp one of the values we hold dear and hope to pass along to our campers is what it means to be a responsible global citizen and take care of our planet. Everyone who comes to FLC comments on the beauty of our location and how our buildings blend into our landscape. It has been imperative for us over the past decade to ensure that we are maintaining the beauty of our camp AND treating our natural resources with respect. In recent years we have changed out all light bulbs in camp to LED’s, put many lights on timers, created a significant compost program where ALL of our food scraps go to local farmers, we have eliminated the use of chemical weed killers and we have built an organic herb garden. But that is not all!

It is with great pleasure to announce, 10 years in the making, that we will be installing solar panels which will produce over 42,000 KW Hours of electricity per year. 6 years ago when we built the Confer Pavilion and 3 years ago when we built our new mess hall we built both with this solar project in mind. Utilizing the back of both buildings (i.e. you will never know that they are there) we will install 137 panels which will feed back into the 7 electric meters that power all parts of camp. This system will produce close to enough power to supply all of our annual needs, essentially taking us ‘off the grid.’

This project is on schedule to be completed this spring. We hope you are as excited as we are about this wonderful initiative.