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November 2014 Newsletter

Forest Lake Family Camp

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No one tells the story of Forest Lake Family Camp better than our young campers, see for yourself – read a couple reflections below and hear why they love summering at Forest Lake Camp with their family!

Summer may feel off in the distance but believe us, it’s not to early to start planning.  Top this summer off with a fun-filled adventure -where days are filled with over 50 different individual and family traditional camp pastimes such as tennis, sailing, horseback riding, hiking and much, much more! If your thing is to kick back and relax, then enjoy early morning yoga and then spend the afternoon reading a book down at the beach by our private spring-fed lake.

Evelyn Family Camper“One whole week of family fun is waiting for you! Exciting activities, excellent food, future friends, along with epic counselors turned my normal days into awesome, adventurous funky ones that made time fly. Family Camp built my confidence and helped me understand what summer camp is really like. I think you can already tell that what I am saying is: I LOVED IT! The best part of Family Camp at Forest Lake is I get to have a great time with my family.” –Ireland Young, 11 year old family camper

“My important place is Forest Lake Camp because to me, FLC is just awesome. At FLC I can play all the sports and activities I want from soccer to canoeing to dance to woodshop. At FLC there are so many different sports and activities you can try. Name a summer sport, they offer it! FLC is in the Adirondack Mountains. At FLC I feel so relaxed and I love the fresh air and being outside. The counselors are supportive, fun, and funny. The best thing about FLC is that everybody knows each other and is kind to each other.” –  Evelyn Watkins, 9 year old Family Camp camper and FLC camper

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Coat of Arms by Family Camp camper and FLC camper Evelyn Watkins

[Forest Lake Camp is depicted in the bottom left corner with the circle of benches around the campfire]

Learn more about Forest Lake Family Camp – we hope to see you this summer!