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April 2014 Newsletter

Faces of FLC

Carla skiingOne of the many favorite moments of the summer is getting your pictures taken with a friend at your side.  Capturing a specific moment in time is what every parent treasures as they login to summer photos on our website, eagerly searching for their son or daughter enjoying a day in the life of camp.  This is a daily ritual for many and we are excited that long time alumna and first year staff member, Caroline Kravitz, will be taking the helm  (with the support from many) as FLC photographer.


Caroline Kravitz“I can’t wait to give our camper’s, friends and families a little taste of FLC this summer as the camp photographer! Camp is the absolute best place to make memories — I’m excited to experience and capture them! “ says Caroline.

During the off-season we miss seeing your children just as much as you miss them when they are with us at camp.  We don’t have the ability to click into any website and see what our campers are up to when they are not at camp. We wish we could!

For this reason, we asked parents to share a glimpse into the life of their FLC camper back home.  We received a wonderful response and it has been so much fun to see what many of our campers have been up to. From playing sports, to watching sports, to seeing camp friends and traveling the world, we know our campers are having a wonderful year full of so much activity.

We loved hearing from so many of you and hope you will always keep the photos coming. We look forward to the summer days ahead when we can once again capture your children loving every minute of camp.

Enjoy the following gallery of FLC campers back home!