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End of Summer 2015 Newsletter

David Menard – 2015 Lodge Recipient

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.32.19 PMThe Lodge Award is given every summer to a recent addition to the Forest Lake Camp Staff. It recognizes a staff member who, to anyone unfamiliar with FLC, would seem like a 10-year veteran. FLC awarded this summers Lodge Award to David Menard.

What does it mean to seem like a 10-year veteran? It means camp is in your blood. You wake up in the morning ready to embrace your day. You recognize those campers in your cabin who may need a bit more encouragement, a supportive word or a friendly tackle in the middle of an activity period. It means you understand the responsibilities that come with your day and you meet them with intentional goodwill and genuine goodness. It means you no longer need to be asked to help out and you rarely ask what needs to be done. You just do it. You look for ways to be involved and to involve others. David did these things daily this summer.

DSC_0010The beauty about David is it is clear he has had a great impact on camp life AND it is also clear that camp has had a great impact on his life.

David is a genuinely kind and sincere person. He is hard working and honest and attentive to the people and the world around him. People of all ages gravitate toward David because of his warmth, his depth of character and his generous spirit.   These attributes have made him a sought after cabin counselor, an energetic and passionate activity counselor and all around role model for camp.

Of the many areas where David contributed, he was often seen playing and teaching ultimate frisbee, inspiring creative writing and holding poetry competitions, he was also an active staff member down at the archery range.

Campers look up to David, he motivates staff, his head counselor’s trust that he will always get the job done and camp is truly grateful for all he gives. It was with honor that we presented the Lodge Award to David Menard.