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The End Of The Summer Newsletter

Camper Reflection of Summer 2015

Junior Speaker at Formal Dinner
Tahlia -Junior Speaker at Formal Dinner

I remember my first day of camp last year. I was so nervous that I could hear my heart beating in my ears. Amazingly, all the bright smiling faces made all the nerves go away. Since that first moment, I have not spent a day without thinking of all my camp friends or the memories we have shared. I do not think of them as friends now, more like extended family. DSC_0454The bonds we share are just as strong as the ones I share with family and friends back home, who I see everyday. Camp has helped me be a better person. Camp has taught me that change is inevitable.  Everybody is allowed a special place where they can come and go and then come again and nothing will change. When I came back this year, nothing had changed. I picked up with all of my old friends and made so many new ones as well. It was like I had never left.

Camp has also allowed me to create this amazing new bond with my sister, Lily as well as with my whole family. At camp I grow independence. Actually missing my parents helps me to treasure the moments I have with them, while also treasuring the ones I have while I am at camp. I think I am a more kind and happy person, as camp as helped me to share and to learn from others.

I am so lucky to have FLC in my life. Camp is truly my favorite place in the world. The bonds I create here will never sever. FLC is truly one of a kind.


-Talhia Yustein