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October 2014 Newsletter

Reflections From The Two Lily’s At FLC

Lilly Y.First of all, every summer at FLC gets better and better. The love and memories always grow more and more. Friendships and families are made, and camp becomes home again.

So many very important questions comes to mind though. How can 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 weeks go by so fast? Why is packing up and “getting ready to leave time” always such a shock? These are questions I can never answer. I do know that time flies when you are having fun. This could not be more true about FLC. For our short time here we are at home, we have friends like family, we try new things, we grow, and we have ups and downs. I know I will never be ready to leave camp.

I will always remember my amazing summers spent at FLC. –Lily Yustein, 2nd session camper

lilly benderThere are always so many people to thank for teaching me so much about myself and the world. If I said everything I am grateful to FLC for, it would take hours and hours.

I used to think that sleep away camp would be scary. I thought this because I had never spent a night away from home. Now I do not think it is scary because I gave it a try. I tried it and at night I was so tired I fell right to sleep. Plus, there were 10 other girls in my cabin! In the day time I was having so much fun I did not even realize I was away from home. Everyone there was SOOOOOO nice. This leads me to believe, that even if things may seem scary at first, they are worth trying. –Lily Bender, 1st session camper