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February 2014 Newsletter

Forest Lake Camp Word Search Puzzle!

Crossword PuzzleThere are many interesting and fun animals to get to know while at FLC. Camper Anney shares her love for animals with us with her FLC Animal Word Search Puzzle. Email us your completed puzzle by March 5th  and we’ll randomly draw a winner from a hat. If your name is chosen  you will win a gift certificate to our online FLC Store!

The horses need lots of caring for while at camp.   They need food, exercise, brushing, etc.  But what’s really important is giving them lots of fun!  People at camp get to ride these lovely horses.  We get to cantor, walk, trot, jump and sometimes even gallop!  The dogs are another story…

Doggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cute little fur-balls.  Oscar is a dog that loves to do doggy tricks.  Fatty and Stinky, well they are fat and stinky (joking)!  They’re very fun.  Hunter will chew the tether ball if you know what I mean. Clara is very cute and loves to hang around. But Sister will eat your slippers!

Chicken time!  Lilly loves to let campers help feed the chickens.  Sometimes we get to hold them! But they are hard to catch! I can’t wait to see all the FLC animals again in a few months!

-Anney B. (age 9)

Click  HERE  to open Anney’s puzzle and get started! Please send completed puzzles to [email protected]