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November 2014 Newsletter

Reflections & Stories From Boys’ Cabin 8

Cabin 8 FLC

This month we are featuring boys’ cabin 8 from our 2014 summer. Reflections from our cabin counselors and campers in this cabin best exemplifies the camaraderie, fun and spirit of cabin life at FLC. It also helps our campers and staff keep their FLC memories alive throughout the year.  Thank you to all who shared!

“I think the best way to gain a sense of Cabin 8 life is to look at cabin cleanup. While some may dread and cringe at the word clean, Cabin 8 not only enjoyed cleaning the cabin, but they made it their ongoing challenge to win “Cleanest Cabin” by the end of the summer. Dancing to Recess by Skrillex and various Taylor Swift songs, Cabin 8 made it their mission to win cleanest cabin and took pride in earning 100’s on a daily inspections. As a counselor, it was incredible to see how our cabin came together to accomplish what I would best describe as a heroic feat and equally take such pride in doing so. I look forward to seeing such dedicated campers next summer!”David Menard, Cabin 8 Counselor

 “I continue to be amazed at the dedication and nurturing of the counselors at FLC. It is truly amazing to behold so much care and attention coming from young men counselors and it was obvious that my son felt and received that love.” –Dolly Hall, FLC Parent

 Cabin 8 2nd session “Forest Lake is special to me because I like having so many activities to choose from. It was so much fun making rockets and seeing them launched. I really liked participating in archery at camp because I’m actually really good at it and it’s such a cool sport.” –Aaron Rafferty

 “Aaron came back this summer from a month at FLC with a new sense of independence.  I believe being given responsibilities along with a strong sense of camaraderie with his cabin mates and counselors have helped Aaron gain more self-confidence and trust.  He came home with wonderful stories of friendship and exciting adventures and isn’t that what most boys want from their summer?” –Marleny Rafferty, FLC Parent

“My summer at FLC was special because I enjoyed experiences that I’ve never had. You have time to enjoy the wonders of sports, you make new friends, you enjoy the beauty of the countryside, you learn new things……–Luca Bochi

“Forest Lake is special to me because it makes me feel that I’m part of something amazing and that everyone cares about me. I really like participating in sporting games against other camps and sleeping out for over nights because I’m participating with old and new friends, having fun and that is my ideal summer.” – Ammar Irfan

“Forest Lake is special to me because I can discover new sports that I love, and get really good instructed on them. I really like participating in rifle at camp because I learn a lot and get better. It is also a sport I never would have discovered without going to FLC.” – Jake Kochman

2nd session cabin 8 boys

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