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November 2014 Newsletter

Reflections & Stories From Girls’ Cabin 3

girls cabin 3 This month we are featuring girls’ Cabin 3 from our 2014 summer. Reflections from our cabin counselors and campers in this cabin best exemplifies the camaraderie, fun and spirit of cabin life at FLC. It also helps our campers and staff keep their FLC memories alive throughout the year.  Thank you to all who shared!cabin 3 girls FLC

“Living in Cabin 3 2nd-session was so special to me because I treasure the moments I share with junior campers. I loved living with the LITs 1st-session but it is so rewarding to have the opportunity to spend time with both age groups at camp; the seniors and the juniors. The environment of Cabin 3 this past summer was unique because many of the girls had never lived together and many met one another for the first time. On the very first day I remember thinking about how different each girl was and wondering how they would get along over the course of the summer. Our cabin could not have run more smoothly overall; veteran campers were so willing to share everything they knew and loved about camp and new campers were so open to everything around them. Despite differences of the girls, they came together as one cohesive group. Our cabin was in no way perfect, but in the end we all had an unforgettable summer together living in Cabin 3. When I reflect on my summer, I remember special moments our cabin shared together. I remember our overnight when we all made tie dye t-shirts. I remember when, as counselors, we pulled a prank on our campers and they tried so hard to retaliate. I remember when we played a game called assassins within the cabin and everyone had the best time. I remember a few of my campers trying to teach me Spanish and only knowing how to say “cepillarse los dientes, por favor” – “brush your teeth please”. We had so many fun moments which is what camp is all about; being able to let your guard down and living in the moment with new and old friends. I am so looking forward to next summer and making even more memories.” –Elyse Rubchinuk, Cabin 3 Counselor

Cabin 3 FLC girls“First session saw a cabin full of faces new and old, from far and near in Cabin 3. We were an interesting bunch – a blend of cultures and languages, full of characters! We loved music in our cabin whether it be listening to music or making our own. Singing in the shower was a regular occurrence! We had a lot of good laughs in our cabin, and I was always so impressed with the girls’ ability to jump into anything open minded, always having fun. We had a roller coaster of a session and it certainly was fun! Hakuna Matata, hakuna matata,… it’s our cabin three philosophy!” –Emily Fagan, Cabin 3 Counselor

“Forest Lake is special to me because I feel like it’s my second home. I really like the experiences and what it teaches me. My favorite activities at camp are archery, soccer, and arts & crafts.” –Courtney Mulvoy

“My summer at FLC was special because I got to see my old friends from last year and make new ones. I really loved participating in soccer because when we went out for games it was so much fun to visit other camps and see their camp life.” – Carla Preisler

 “The last two years we have send Carla over the Atlantic to FLC. Although we miss her tremendously every day of the 4 weeks she is away, it is all worth it when she returns an even happier, healthier, more independent young lady.” – Anne Preisler, FLC Parent

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