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End of Summer 2015 Newsletter

Brett Booker – 2015 Golden Arrow Recipient

DSC_0343The Golden Arrow is the lifetime achievement award at Forest Lake and is the longest standing staff award. Its recipients are long serving staff members who embody the principles and values of FLC and who continue to give their time and effort to improve camp. This years recipent was Brett Booker!

DSC_0335Brett returned to camp in 2011 to assume the Head Counselor role on the Hill, after a hiatus as a counselor and soccer specialist in the early 90’s. For those that know Brett they would agree that Brett exudes camp. Over the past 4 years Brett has established himself as a consummate Head Counselor and FLC staff member. His impact on the Hill working and leading staff is unparalleled. His infectious spirit and love for entertainment and creating lasting traditions makes him a perfect fit for camp. Brett understands the value of camp and the impact FLC has on its campers. As a Head Counselor he has worked tirelessly to strengthen the traditions of FLC and has even development new ones along the way.

Under Brett’s leadership up on the Hill we have seen Boys’ Camp grow and strengthen as a community over the past 4 years. It isn’t easy to manage 85+ campers and 20 male staff but he does it seamlessly and with humor and intentionality. As a community we couldn’t be more appreciative and thankful for all that he brings to Forest Lake Camp each and every summer.

Boy Camper of the Week

One of the other gifts that Brett offers our community each summer are his videos. Over the past 3 year Brett has directed and produced a staff video for our new and returning families. Each year these videos have reflected perfectly the energy and spirit of our camp for all of our families to see. They have also provided us with a summer theme that has guided us and given us direction while working with our campers. This summer’s video was “Have The Summer You Will Remember”. Please watch it if you haven’t already – there is a link to the video in our opening letter in this month’s newsletter.

Congratulations Brett for being this year’s Golden Arrow recipient. Your spirit, energy and hard work has inspired us all. Thank you for the impact and profound experiences you have offered our campers and families each and every summer!