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Benefits of Attending an Adirondack Family Camp

As your children pack and prepare to go away to camp this summer, why don’t you go along with them? Or when considering where to go on vacation this summer, why don’t you head to summer camp as a family? At Forest Lake Camp, we have created an Adirondack family camp that is fun for adults and children alike. So pack up the whole family and head off to family camp for our one-week session this August! Keep on reading to learn some of the benefits of going to family camp at Forest Lake Camp this summer.

  • Family camp is a great way to come together and take a few days off. During the school year, everyone is busy. Between work, school, sports, appointments, and play dates, there are very few opportunities for families to spend some alone time together. At family camp, children and adults will get a few days away from the stress and constant activity going on at school and work!
  • Children and parents work and play together at family camp. Along with the other families who are attending, everyone will have opportunities to participate in a variety of family camp activities! There are over fifty different activities for you to choose from at Forest Lake Camp. Canoeing, fishing, arts & crafts, soccer, swimming, and wilderness skills are just a few of the many activities offered!
  • Family camp is a way for children and adults to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. At Forest Lake Camp, families will be stayinfamily campg in family camp cabins. These cabins can be shared with another family or alone with just your family. These cabins are just steps away from all of our family camp facilities and the great outdoors. Interested in spending a night in the wilderness? We have camping gear and everything you will need for a night outside under the stars! Families will have more than enough time to explore and see the true beauty of being in nature.
  • If you aren’t sure about sending your son or daughter to summer camp, family camp is a great way to test it out. Children will get a real summer camp experience, just with the rest of their family by their side, what could be better?!

If you’re interested in signing your family up for the best Adirondack family camp this summer, contact Forest Lake Camp today! Call us at (518)-623-4771 for more information or to schedule a tour!